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Support the tutor training process with
on-demand videos and valuable resources.

The Takeaway

Train tutors anytime throughout the year.
Research shows that tutees benefit from working with tutors who are better trained and prepared for sessions.
Provide engaging online tutor training videos 24/7.
Deliver consistent content using subject matter experts.
Our trainings, developed in partnership with CRLA, can be used toward CRLA Level 1 Certification.

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A Toolbox For The Novice Tutor

Developing Critical Thinking Skills

How To Tutor Writing

Learning Theory

The Nature Of Helping Relationships

The Role Of The Tutor

Tutoring Students From
Diverse Backgrounds

Understanding Self-Regulatory Behaviors

Tutee Study Skills: Note-Taking, Reading & Testing Strategies

Our tutors have consistently told us how useful they have found the videos; even seasoned tutors who have watched them for the first time have remarked that they wished they had had access to these videos when they were starting out.

PAULINE TRUMMEL - Las Positas College