Online Orientation And Support Modules For Parents & Families

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A Customized Orientation + 6 Online Support Modules

Welcome to ParentLingo®, your comprehensive online resource for parent orientation and support. At Innovative Educators, we understand the importance of parental involvement in student success. That's why we've developed ParentLingo® as a platform to empower parents and families with the knowledge and tools they need to support their student's educational journey.

With ParentLingo®, you can provide a branded experience that showcases your institution's identity through logos, colors, and engaging visuals. We offer custom, consistent content that aligns with your mission and provides accurate and relevant information. Take advantage of our interactive FAQ page type and direct parents to valuable campus and community resources.

Beyond orientation, ParentLingo® offers ongoing support modules to assist parents and families throughout their student's first year. Engaging videos provide both the parent and student perspective, addressing the key areas of college adjustment. College-specific information and departmental resources help parents actively participate in their student's success.

With accessibility and responsive design, ParentLingo® ensures inclusivity by providing closed captioning in English and Spanish. Admin features allow for real-time content updates, usage tracking, and feedback evaluations.

Join ParentLingo® in creating a supportive environment where parents have the tools they need to contribute to their student's success


This was great and educational, something everyone should take time to watch.

Real Interviews

Very informative. I appreciate the interviews with real students and parents.


Excellent compilation of the initial college goals and expectations.

Health & Wellness

This module is very important and every parent of an incoming college student should take the time to understand how important it is to keep your mental health on track.


I appreciate all the tools to help me and my student with this transition.


Good honest information and good starter questions to use in conversation.

I'd like to learn more.