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Comprehensive Orientation & 20 Student Success Workshops

Features & Benefits

Prepare for success in online learning with OnlineLingo®! Our platform offers a wide range of online student resources to ensure a seamless transition into the virtual learning environment. From on-demand videos that explain the processes, tools, and technology applications used in online courses, to interactive quizzes that assess student readiness, OnlineLingo® equips learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in online learning.

Boost confidence and close skill gaps with our 20 skill-building workshops focused on time management, test-taking strategies, and adapting to online exams. By integrating these workshops into courses, faculty can improve student retention and success rates. Additionally, our platform fosters student engagement by connecting them to campus resources and facilitating peer-to-peer interaction through discussion boards and social sharing.

OnlineLingo® also emphasizes tracking and completion, motivating learners with certificates, badges, and printable certificate summaries. Gain valuable insights into students' needs through monthly usage reports and evaluation feedback.

With a mobile-responsive and ADA-accessible platform, OnlineLingo® ensures usability and compliance. With integrations like Single Sign-On (SSO) and contextual deep linking, the user experience is enhanced.

Prepare, engage, and succeed in online learning with OnlineLingo®.

What Students Are Saying


Very informative, and helpful. It truly gave me the skills and tips necessary to succeed online.


The orientation provided a lot of helpful information for people who are unfamiliar with online learning and it seemed to cover everything I personally needed.


The interaction kept me engaged. Helped me get excited for online learning!


The orientation addressed everything I needed to know in order to be successful while taking online courses. I feel prepared for what's next on my academic journey.


Very helpful resource to get students ready for a new experience with virtual learning. I appreciated the ideas and strategies to maximize my learning for the fall.


It covered topics that will help new students and current students gain confidence.


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