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500+ Live & On-Demand Webinars For Faculty & Staff

Take your career to new heights with Go2Knowledge®, the ultimate career advancement program for educators. With over 150 live webinars and 350 on-demand webinars, Go2Knowledge® provides the tools and resources you need to excel on your professional path.

Stay up-to-date with timely topics and maximize your engagement through our live webinars, presented by industry-leading experts. Gain valuable insights from over 200 speakers, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives for your career advancement. With just-in-time training available on-demand, you can access the knowledge you need whenever it suits you best.

Go2Knowledge® is more than just webinars – it’s a comprehensive solution designed to support your professional growth. Streamline your career advancement with a personalized dashboard and user-friendly interface. Access additional resources like PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and articles to enhance your learning experience.

Invest in your career with Go2Knowledge®. Expand your skill set, deepen your knowledge, and increase your value in the higher education industry. Take control of your professional path and unlock new opportunities for success. With Go2Knowledge®, your career advancement is within reach.

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The quality of the webinars are the biggest selling point for personnel.

Brinda Berry, Arkansas Department of Higher Education


When I began working in my current position- with responsibilities in supporting professional development of faculty and staff,-the Go2Knowledge suite was a common-sense investment. The quality, affordability, usability & service are of the highest caliber.

Dr. Meg Webber, Winthrop University


Great discussion! I enjoyed the more hands-on activities, they kept me engaged the entire time!

Go2K Member


This presentation has prompted me to take a close look at my teaching past and present in order to identify areas where I could be more inclusive.

Go2K Member


I appreciate being able to take some of these professional development courses on my own time. Asynchronous courses let me give my full attention and that is great!

Go2K Member

Expert Speakers

This is the second instructional video that I have watched with Dr. Jean Mandernach as the speaker, and I have been impressed each time with her teaching style and the information that she gives to her viewers!

Go2K Member

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