Connecting Colleagues

Networking, Professional Development
& Referral Opportunities

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Time To Network

Join colleagues in sharing professional development tips, discussing hot topics, and getting plugged into free opportunities to network and celebrate each other.

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Love Our Products

Are you a fan of our products and staff? Share your enthusiasm by introducing us to a colleague at another institution! Connect colleagues and be entered for a chance to win a scholarship for your college!

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Share Your Experience

Our referral program is designed to reward our loyal clients, while also expanding our community of like-minded innovative educators focused on student success, belonging, and retention.

Perk Up: Unlocking Rewards That Matter

  • 1 Communicate with colleagues about your work with Innovative Educators and participate with our staff in professional development opportunities.
  • 2 Twice a year we will review your participation and offer you perks that uniquely benefit you and your institution's success.
  • 3 Benefits could include professional endorsements, student scholarships, conference registrations, and cost savings on products.

Reach out to Celeste at to get started!