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About Us

Innovative Educators partners with institutions of higher education to provide comprehensive online services for students, faculty & staff, and parents & families. With our expertise in student services, academic affairs, and online learning, we offer first-hand knowledge and support to help students succeed while aligning with the goals and mission of your institution.

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Our Mission

Our primary goal is to provide the orientation, support, and training necessary to Inform & Engage, Inspire & Empower, and Instruct & Elevate.”

Through our online higher education solutions, we strive to enhance the learning experience and ensure that education remains engaging and accessible for all.

See the Innovative Educators’ Fact Sheet for more information.

Our Team

  • Val Kisiel

    • 20+ years of higher education experience
    • Natural born entrepreneur & strategist
    • Online course design? Yes, please!
    • Never met a club sandwich I didn’t like
    • Most likely to bet on anything
  • Erin Hoag

    • 30+ years of higher education experience
    • 2-yr & 4-yr, private, public & athletic programs
    • Who wants an Excel spreadsheet? Excel Addict!
    • Seen walking the streets of Boulder (no car)
    • Will challenge anyone to a competition
  • Kristen Seldon

    • 17+ years supporting educators
    • I will always go above & beyond for my clients
    • Always thinking about how IE services can support and put students first
    • Committed to a lifelong healthy work/life balance
    • Check out my acting skills
  • Melissa Durant

    • Go-to point person for webinars
    • Committed to making your webinar experience the best
    • Loves working with clients to design the dashboard of their dreams
    • Games anyone? You name it - I’ll play it
    • Lover of the label maker & all things organized
    • Empty nester
  • Grace Cassara

    • 16+ years in media production
    • Certified Adobe Expert - Creative Cloud
    • Self-appointed DIY expert
    • Daily horoscope reader
    • Most likely to win The Amazing Race
  • Erica Kennon

    • 20+ years supporting clients & their success
    • Passionate about people and their needs
    • Creative thinker with get-it-done attitude
    • Downward dog? Red hot chili pepper flakes?
    • Most likely to be dancing at Red Rocks
  • Wendy Archer

    • 15+ years in higher education
    • Communicating online daily
    • Cultivator of intellectual habits
    • Introvert + ADHD = Quietly Hyperactive
    • Often found down the rabbithole
  • Alex Pecoraro

    • 15+ Years Higher Education Experience
    • Love working with schools on new initiatives!
    • Girl-mom to a spunky toddler
    • Plays tennis competitively
  • Crystal Wills

    • 15+ years teaching ballet and contemporary dance
    • Have a billing question? I'm your gal!
    • I structure my day by cups of tea
    • Mom of two vibrant kiddos
    • Most likely to live in a tiny house
  • Will Hoag

    • Proud husband and father of two
    • Soccer moves specialist and USMNT diehard
    • Book drinker, beer watcher, and movie reader
    • Was an animation artist in a past life
    • Currently have an unhealthy relationship with board games
  • Natalie Hogg

    • 20+ years working in eLearning
    • Living the good life in California
    • Problem solver, troubleshooter, critical thinker 
    • Most likely to be making pro/con lists
    • Love tasting all types of food
    • Mommin' (to 2 girls) ain't easy
  • Meredith Janecek

    • Lifelong football fan (Gig 'em Aggies!)
    • All day coffee drinker
    • Experience in education ranges from first grade through higher ed
    • Passionate about finding unique ways to help students succeed
    • Loves getting to work with schools all over the country
  • Meg Foster

    • 20+ years in higher education (2yr and 4 yr)
    • Passionate about learning and sharing best practices for student success
    • Known to teach FYE courses 
    • Loves anything water but especially the beach
    • Happiest when giving webinars
  • Sean Hoag

    • All things technology
    • Willing to help in any way
    • Scuba anyone?
    • Loves traveling
    • Proud father of 2 boys
  • Theresa Egan

    • 20+ years as an educator
    • Loves to analyze and solve problems
    • Most likely to be spotted floating along rivers or sledding down slopes
    • Loves a good furniture rearranging session
  • Ryan Troup

    • 10+ years of higher education experience
    • Enjoys being creative whenever possible
    • Never decaffeinated
    • Proud to call Central New York home
    • Always down to play a board game
  • Erica Precht

    • 10+ years Higher Education experience
    • Enjoys every opportunity to organize and problem solve
    • Happiest with my two babies and my girlfriends
    • Chronically early
    • Proud member of Bachelor Nation

At Innovative Educators, we are dedicated to solving the challenges faced by institutions in the online higher education landscape. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of online education and pave the way for a successful academic journey.

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