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The Power Of Micro-Credentials: 3 Trends To Know For Faculty & Staff Retention

Work Readiness. Respond Quickly To Industry Needs. Flexible Learning.

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Higher education continues to struggle with filling open positions and retaining talented faculty and staff. In a recent survey by Clear Company, 74% of employees responded that a lack of professional development opportunities prevented them from reaching their full potential. And 94% of employees reported they would remain longer with their current employer if the company invested in staff development. A micro-credential is defined as a non-degree certification that describes proficiency, knowledge, or experience in a specific subject area. Micro-credentials are a flexible, portable and cost-effective method to deliver professional development. They also serve as an effective way to boost employee engagement and promote a culture of lifelong learning. Here are three important trends we are seeing with micro-credentialing at colleges and universities:

1. Work Readiness

Nearly 95% of employers cited in a recent survey by Robert Half that it is “somewhat or very challenging to find employees with the appropriate skills and talents.” Micro-credentials can augment and supplement previously existing skill sets and degrees. Innovative Educators offers micro-credentialing on topics like Supervisory Leadership and Tutoring Center Administration to help staff grow into new opportunities and positions.

2. Respond Quickly To Industry Needs

Colleges and universities are called on to respond rapidly to student needs and industry changes. Student mental health, for example, is an increasing concern on campuses. Micro-credentialing provides an opportunity to share best practices and a common set of resources and foundational knowledge to faculty and staff. Innovative Educators launched a “Recognizing & Supporting Mental Health Issues On Campus” micro-credential in response to the growing concerns about student mental health.

3. Flexible Learning

Staff and faculty want professional development opportunities that are flexible and delivered in a manner that works with their complex and busy schedules. Micro-credentialing is available on demand but can be integrated within division or unit-wide professional development programs.

Micro-Credentials For Faculty & Staff 

To learn more about offering micro-credentials for your faculty and staff, check out Innovative Educators suite of micro-credentialing resources, which include such topics as mental health on campus, diversity, equity and inclusion, and supervision.

For nearly 20 years, Innovative Educators has assisted college leaders to build foundations of success for their faculty, staff and students. Institutions have seen employee engagement and retention increase as a result of utilizing Go2Knowledge, Innovative Educators live and on-demand professional development resources. Go2Knowledge includes 150+ live webinars and 350+ pre-selected, on-demand webinars delivered by over 200 experts. Innovative Educators micro-credentialing program provides faculty and staff opportunities to upskill and hone skills for working with today’s college students.

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By Meg Foster
Online Learning & Design Specialist - Consultant
February 23, 2023



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