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Top 10 FYE Trends Transforming Student Success In 2024

Explore our guide on the latest trends in First-Year Experience (FYE) courses, specifically tailored for college faculty and administrators like you, committed to maximizing student success. This resource is not just a guide; it's a tool to shape your professional development, examine FYE programming, and continue supporting students' success. It examines the evolving components of FYE courses and anticipates what social, cultural, and higher education issues will shape FYE courses. Our brief guide highlights the need for FYE courses to foster a sense of belonging while addressing the need for mental health education and support. In addition, we examine the integration of advanced technology into FYE courses and the impact of career exploration in shaping a transformative educational journey for first-year students. Enhance the FYE curriculum and equip students with the tools they need for academic and personal success with this easy-to-digest guide.

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By Meg Foster, Online Learning & Design Specialist - Consultant & Wendy Archer,  Web Content Coordinator 
May 8, 2024



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