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Celebrating Global Advising Week: Supporting Academic Advisers

Supporting & Celebrating Academic Advisors


Innovative Educators celebrates Global Advising Week as we focus on holistically supporting academic advisors! Academic advisors are providing critically important student support across institutions of higher education, and they play a significant part in student success and retention initiatives. Innovative Educators is dedicated to delivering professional development content that speaks to the unique role of academic advising. Read on to learn more about how Innovative Educators is working to serve our advising community!

Understanding The Advisor’s Role In Retention

Recognizing the critical nature of student success, probation, dismissal, and retention issues, Innovative Educators has curated a micro-credentialing opportunity to support academic advisors. Through this six-part professional development credential, advisors gain new strategies and skills for their important role in student retention.

Strategies For Effective Academic Advising Of At-Risk Students

Through survey data, Innovative Educators understands that advising teams often seek new strategies for creating successful advising strategies, particularly for at-risk students. In a recent webinar, our subject matter experts addressed the primary factors leading to academic probation and, more importantly, examined effective student support strategies. From intervention techniques to language refinement, this professional development workshop dissects ways to empower students and shed the stigma associated with probation. Our goal is to provide advisors with a deeper understanding and enhanced confidence to aid students on probation, aligning their institutions' policies with evolving best practices.

Enhancing Advisor Well-Being

In addition to addressing academic concerns, we recognize the multifaceted challenges advisors face, from professional stressors to personal struggles. Through a series of workshops that incorporate humor, honesty, and real-life examples, we aim to equip advisors with practical tools to manage their stress effectively. From creating personalized stress reduction plans to fostering a more supportive environment, this webinar offers a holistic approach to enhancing advisor well-being while facilitating student success.

Innovative Educators celebrates the incredible work of academic advisors across our institutions of higher education! By partnering with advising teams, we aim to strengthen advising skills to contribute to a more supportive educational landscape for all students. At the same time, we recognize the need to support advisors and advising teams so that they can continue with their critical work supporting all learners to be successful.


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For nearly 20 years, Innovative Educators has assisted college leaders to build foundations of success for their faculty, staff and students. Institutions have seen employee engagement and retention increase as a result of utilizing Go2Knowledge, Innovative Educators live and on-demand professional development resources. Go2Knowledge includes 150+ live webinars and 350+ pre-selected, on-demand webinars delivered by over 200 experts. Innovative Educators micro-credentialing program provides faculty and staff opportunities to upskill and hone skills for working with today’s college students.

By Meg Foster, Online Learning & Design Specialist - Consultant & Wendy Archer,  Web Content Coordinator 
May 1, 2024



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