Micro-Credentialing | A Training Toolkit For Orientation Professionals: How To Empower Student Leaders

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What Is Micro-Credentialing?

A micro-credential is a short, competency-based recognition that allows an educator to demonstrate mastery in a particular area.

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Orientation Leaders are fundamental to creating an inclusive and welcoming campus community. Orientation Leaders serve as ambassadors of an institution’s mission and culture while often taking on additional leadership roles in and out of the classroom, becoming integral community advocates and allies. In this series we will discuss the layered role of an orientation leader, how to foster a space for leaders to develop transferable skills, and the toolkit they need access to.

By completing this micro-credential, participants will be more prepared to train leaders to welcome and inform new students, work on campus, report issues of concern, and facilitate remote and in-person programming. Administrators will learn the importance of creating spaces and teams that focus on identity, belonging, and access.

Join us for this 3-part micro-credentialing series designed to help faculty, staff, and administrators prepare their orientation leaders for success. Registration is individually-based, allowing participants to customize their learning experience.


  • Three on-demand sessions focused on best practices and innovations in the training of orientation leaders.
  • A personalized learning path allowing employees to select workshops tailored to their career goals and responsibilities.
  • A self-directed, on-demand learning format allowing you to start and stop the learning experience at any time.
  • A comprehensive training package that communicates your knowledge, skills, achievements, and competencies to employers, colleagues, and peers.
  • A certificate verifying that you have learned skills that differentiate you both academically and professionally
  • A cost-effective training program which can be used to upskill your workforce, build highly-skilled teams, and provide professional development opportunities that will ultimately improve employee retention

Institutions can purchase one or many seats. Discounts available. 

The following 3 courses are required to earn the credential:

  • Recruiting Inclusive Orientation Leaders: Building A Diverse & Dynamic Leadership Team
  • From Assessment To Achievement: Providing Feedback To Promote Orientation Leader Success
  • Tools Of The Trade: Leveraging Technology To Prepare Orientation Leaders

Recruiting Inclusive Orientation Leaders: Building A Diverse & Dynamic Leadership Team

Wednesday, October 4 ~ 3:00-4:00pm (Eastern)

In this session of the Administrative Leadership Microcredential, participants will delve into the intricacies of building a diverse and dynamic student leadership team. The focus will be on understanding student leaders' roles within the community, often described as the "hats" they wear. We'll explore the Human Centered Design process, emphasizing its importance in understanding students' needs, desires, and challenges as they transition from pre-enrollment to on-campus life. Participants will learn about the comprehensive process of recruiting orientation leaders, from effective advertising strategies to crafting insightful application questions and the significance of peer-to-peer recruitment.

The training will highlight orientation leaders' pivotal role in shaping a positive transition experience for new students, fostering a sense of belonging, and building relationships that enhance the overall student experience. The session aims to equip administrators with tools for training that emphasize inclusivity, belonging, and career preparation while understanding the motivation behind student leadership.

  • Equip participants to build a diverse student leadership team, understanding their community roles.
  • Enhance understanding of Human Centered Design for capturing student needs from pre-enrollment to campus life.
  • Provide strategies for effective recruitment, from advertising techniques to peer-to-peer engagement.
  • Highlight orientation leaders' pivotal role in positive student transitions and fostering belonging.
  • Offer administrators a training framework emphasizing inclusivity, belonging, and career preparation.


Celest Guarneri 

Celeste Guarneri 

From Assessment To Achievement: Providing Feedback To Promote Orientation Leader Success

Wednesday, October 11 ~ 3:00-4:00pm (Eastern)

In this engaging workshop, we will explore the significance of reflection and open dialogue as pivotal tools for driving individual progress within today's dynamic and competitive educational landscape. Participants will learn how tailored assessments and constructive feedback offer invaluable insights into personal and professional growth for student leaders. Our focus will extend to strategies emphasizing the power of recognition and retention, all aimed at fostering a positive campus atmosphere and boosting student involvement. By understanding student leaders' unique needs and aspirations, administrators are better positioned to craft career-focused training that touches on vital subjects while underscoring individual and group dynamics. Additionally, examples highlighting ways to acknowledge and commemorate team milestones will be showcased, promoting empowerment within the community and bolstering further outreach endeavors.

  • Understand the fundamentals of mental health and wellness
  • Learn the specific symptoms and risk factors for Anxiety Disorders, Trauma Disorders, and OCD
  • Learn specific strategies for intervening and supporting students with these mental health concerns
  • Know about the most up-to-date treatments available


Celest Guarneri 

Celeste Guarneri  

Tools Of The Trade: Leveraging Technology To Prepare Orientation Leaders

Wednesday, October 25 ~ 3:00-4:00pm (Eastern)

In this webinar, participants will delve into the digital tools and strategies essential for today's college environment. They will explore leveraging technology in orientation services, from utilizing collaboration platforms and social media to creating explainer videos. The session will guide attendees in recognizing the existing digital resources, discerning areas that need further investment, and understanding the platforms students are actively using. Emphasis will also be placed on strengthening social media outreach and enabling orientation leaders to form virtual connections. In addition, the importance of emergency preparedness will be highlighted, with insights on transparency, evacuation plans, and strategies to address potential emergencies. The goal is to ensure that college staff and orientation leaders are technologically proficient, facilitating effective communication, collaboration, and safety in the academic community.


  • Equip participants with knowledge on leveraging digital tools, including collaboration platforms, social media, and explainer videos for orientation services.
  • Guide attendees to identify the most used student platforms and discern where technological investments are needed.
  • Strengthen social media outreach and enable effective virtual connections between orientation leaders and administrators.
  • Emphasize the critical role of transparency in emergency preparedness, covering evacuation plans and potential emergency scenarios.
  • Ensure that college staff and orientation leaders evolve into technologically proficient communicators and collaborators for the safety of the academic community.


Celest Guarneri 

Celeste Guarneri