AI Literacy Essentials For Students: A Micro-Credential For Maximum Impact

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AI Literacy Essentials For Students: A Micro-Credential For Maximum Impact is a comprehensive six-part micro-credential series designed to equip college students with a fundamental understanding and practical knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This program covers everything from basic concepts and ethical considerations to the application of AI tools in academic and professional settings. Each 15-minute session is tailored to enhance students' AI literacy, preparing them for both academic success and future career challenges, so prepare all of your students now for one low price.

Workshops | IMPACT

  • Session 1: INFORM: Foundations Of AI - Understanding Ethics, Policy, and Responsible Use
    Duration: 15 minutes


    Jumpstart your students’ learning with this essential session on understanding and using AI effectively. Designed specifically for college students, this lesson explains the basics of AI and explores critical aspects of ethical usage and institutional policies. Students will learn how to navigate and interpret AI guidelines by examining syllabi and general policies. Through real-world case studies, we'll explore the implications of AI misuse, the importance of data privacy, and the principles of responsible AI application.

    Key Features

    • Introduction to AI Concepts: Get grounded in the basics of AI technology and its applications.
    • Navigational Guidance: Learn where and how to find detailed institutional AI policies.
    • Ethical Considerations: Engage with real-world scenarios to understand the consequences of AI misuse and the significance of ethical practices.
    • Resource Linking: Direct access to official college policy documents for further exploration.

    Learning Outcomes: By the end of this session, students will grasp the fundamental concepts of AI and appreciate the ethical framework and policies that govern its use within their academic environment. This foundational knowledge sets the stage for responsible engagement with AI technologies, aligning with the institution’s vision and standards.

    This enlightening session will help your students start AI education on the right foot, fully informed and ethically aware!


    • Session 2: MAXIMIZE: Practical AI Tools & Applications
      Duration: 15 minutes


      Dive into the practical applications of AI in academic settings with this engaging session. Perfect for college students, this presentation showcases how popular generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, Gemini, Co-Pilot, Claude, Llama, etc., can streamline and enhance both coursework and research efforts. Students will see real demonstrations of these tools in action, understand how to integrate them into their study routines and explore ways to boost personal organization and academic productivity.

      Key Features

      • Tool Demonstrations: Experience live demonstrations of various AI tools and their applications in real academic scenarios.
      • Academic Support: Explore the use of AI tools for personalized academic assistance, from optimizing study habits to enhancing research.
      • Practical Integration: Learn strategies for integrating these AI resources effectively into personal tasks.

      Learning Outcomes: By the end of this session, students will be familiar with key AI tools they can utilize to enhance their academic performance and personal productivity. This essential knowledge empowers students to leverage technology for a more efficient and organized academic experience.

      This practical session will begin helping students integrate AI tools into their academic toolkit for enhanced productivity and success!


      • Session 3: PREPARE: AI & Student Success: Study Skills & Test Prep
        Duration: 15 minutes


        During this session, students will learn practical strategies for how AI can improve their study practices and test preparation. This presentation highlights the practical applications of AI tools in creating effective study schedules, summarizing academic texts, designing study guides, and generating practice questions. Students will see these tools in action, learn strategies for integrating them into their study routines, and uncover ways to enhance learning outcomes for academic success.

        Key Features:

        • Tool Demonstrations: Experience demonstrations of various AI tools and their applications in optimizing study habits and test preparation.
        • Enhanced Learning: Explore how AI tools can provide personalized academic support, from generating practice questions to summarizing key texts.
        • Practical Integration: Learn effective strategies for incorporating these AI resources into daily study routines to maximize productivity and efficiency.

        Learning Outcomes: By the end of this session, students will have discovered innovative ways to utilize AI tools to improve their study habits and test preparation.

        This innovative session will help students integrate AI tools into their study routine for optimized learning and test preparation!


        • Session 4: ARTICULATE: Present Like A Pro: Leveraging AI For Better Presentations
          Duration: 15 minutes


          Students will improve their presentation skills with this insightful session on the potential of AI. This lesson explores a range of AI-powered tools designed to assist in creating compelling, visually engaging, and well-structured presentations. Learn how AI can help design impactful slides, integrate multimedia effectively, and provide real-time feedback on your delivery. Special attention will be given to AI applications that suggest improvements in speech clarity, pacing, and audience engagement.

          Key Features

          • Designing Impactful Slides: Understand how to use AI to design slides that capture and hold audience attention.
          • Integrating Multimedia: Discover methods for effectively incorporating multimedia elements into your presentations using AI.
          • Real-Time Feedback: Utilize AI for real-time feedback on your presentation delivery, focusing on aspects such as speech clarity, pacing, and audience engagement.
          • Enhancing Communication Skills: Gain insights into how AI applications can suggest improvements to enhance overall communication effectiveness in presentations.

          Learning Outcomes: By the end of this session, students will be able to leverage AI tools to refine their presentation skills. This will enhance their ability to communicate ideas effectively in various settings and prepare them to present confidently in professional environments.

          This informative and practical session will equip students with the AI tools they need to become a better communicator and presenter!


          • Session 5: COMMUNICATE: Enhancing Writing With AI
            Duration: 15 minutes


            Students will learn how to improve their writing with this focused session on the practical use of AI technologies in academic and professional settings. Tailored for college students, this presentation explores how popular AI tools can assist with drafting, revising, and polishing written content. Learn how AI can enhance grammar, coherence, style, and overall argument structure. Gain insights into ethical AI use, ensuring student’s writing remains effective and maintains academic integrity.

            Key Features

            • Tool Demonstrations: Experience demonstrations of AI tools that assist with various aspects of writing, including grammar checks, style improvements, and content structuring.
            • Academic Support: Explore how AI can provide personalized feedback on tone, readability, and audience engagement to enhance the quality of your writing.
            • Ethical Considerations: Understand the importance of maintaining academic integrity, recognizing the boundaries of AI assistance, and ensuring proper content generation practices.
            • Practical Integration: Learn strategies for effectively incorporating AI tools into your writing process to maximize productivity and impact.

            Learning Outcomes: By the end of this session, students will have developed skills in utilizing AI to improve their written communication. This essential knowledge prepares students for both academic success and future career challenges, ensuring they can produce high-quality, impactful written content.

            This session will teach students how to leverage AI tools to enhance their writing skills for academic and professional success!


            • Session 6: THINK: Critical Thinking & Creativity With AI
              Duration: 15 minutes


              Enhance critical thinking and creativity with this engaging session on the thoughtful use of AI technologies. This presentation challenges students to critically evaluate AI outputs, fostering a deeper understanding of AI's role in problem-solving and decision-making. Through real-world examples, students will learn to assess AI solutions for accuracy, bias, and ethical implications. Additionally, discover how AI can inspire and enhance creative thinking in various contexts.

              Key Features

              • Critical Evaluation: Learn how to question and critically evaluate AI outputs, focusing on identifying accuracy, bias, and ethical concerns.
              • Understanding Bias: Explore the potential biases in AI algorithms and understand their impact on decision-making processes.
              • Ethical Implications: Discuss the ethical considerations of AI usage, including responsible AI application and the importance of maintaining ethical standards from a creative standpoint.
              • Creative Problem-Solving: Develop creative thinking skills by exploring how AI can be used innovatively in various problem-solving contexts.

              Learning Outcomes: By the end of this session, students will have enhanced their ability to critically engage with AI technologies, promoting a thoughtful and informed approach to integrating AI in both academic and professional settings. This essential knowledge prepares students to use AI responsibly and creatively, ensuring they can navigate the complexities of AI-driven problem-solving and decision-making.

              This insightful session will empower students to enhance their critical thinking and creativity with the power of AI!

              Learning Objectives

              • In-Depth AI Understanding: Develop a comprehensive understanding of AI's transformative potential and how it can reshape your educational and professional practices.
              • Hands-On AI Skills: Gain practical skills through demonstrations and interactive tutorials, learning to apply AI tools and methodologies directly to your academic, personal, and professional workflows to enhance efficiency and foster innovation.
              • Ethical AI Practices: Learn to use AI ethically, prioritizing data privacy, inclusivity, and sustainability, and positioning yourself as a responsible AI user.
              • Improved Academic Performance: Discover how to leverage AI tools to improve your study habits, test preparation, writing, and presentation skills, resulting in better academic outcomes.
              • Innovative Problem-Solving: Enhance your creative thinking and critical evaluation skills by exploring how AI can be used innovatively to solve real-world problems and make informed decisions.
              • Career Preparation: Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving job market by mastering advanced AI applications and strategies, ensuring you remain competitive and innovative in your future career.
              • Leadership Skills: Learn to anticipate AI advancements and strategically leverage them for personal and academic growth, positioning yourself as a forward-thinking leader.
              • Customized Learning Path: Tailor your learning experience with elective options that align with your specific interests and career goals, ensuring maximum relevance and impact.
              • Practical Takeaways: Leave each session equipped with practical tools, ready-to-implement plans, and strategic blueprints to effectively apply AI technologies in both academic and professional settings.


              B. Jean Mandernach, Ph.D. is Research Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching at Grand Canyon University. Her research focuses on enhancing student learning through assessment and innovative online instructional strategies. In addition, she has interests in examining the perception of online degrees, the quality of online course offerings and the development of effective faculty evaluation models. Jean received her B.S. in comprehensive psychology from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, an M.S. in experimental psychology from Western Illinois University and Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.


              Why Schools Should Invest in AI Literacy Essentials for Their College Students

              Increase Student Engagement, Ethical Use & Learning Outcomes:

              • Interactive Learning Experiences: Engage students with interactive tutorials and demonstrations, making AI concepts accessible and exciting.
              • Promote Ethical AI Use: Equip students with knowledge about ethical AI practices, fostering a culture of integrity, inclusivity, and social responsibility within the institution.
              • Improved Learning Outcomes: Foster an environment where AI-driven educational practices lead to enhanced student engagement, retention, and success.

              Foundational Knowledge:

              • AI Ethics as a Teaching Foundation: Provide faculty with a robust framework to teach AI ethics, ensuring students understand the ethical implications and responsible use of AI technologies.
              • Curriculum Integration: Enhance existing programs with AI literacy, enabling faculty to incorporate cutting-edge AI concepts and tools into their courses.

              Enhanced Academic & Career Preparation:

              • Future-Ready Graduates: Prepare students for the evolving job market by equipping them with essential AI skills, ensuring they are competitive and ready for future career opportunities.
              • Practical Skill Development: Provide students with hands-on experience in using AI tools, enhancing their problem-solving abilities and academic performance.
              • Cultivate Strategic Leadership: Develop leaders who can navigate the AI landscape strategically, ensuring your institution remains competitive and responsive to technological trends.

              Visionary Leadership Development:

              • Comprehensive AI Toolkit: Equip your institution with the tools and strategies needed for effective AI implementation, enhancing both educational experiences and operational efficiency.
              • Long-Term Institutional Benefits: Establish a future-ready framework that embraces ethical AI use and adapts to technological advancements, positioning your institution for sustained success.
              • Position as a Leader in Innovation: Establish your institution as a leader in ethical AI innovation, attracting forward-thinking students and faculty committed to responsible technology use.

              Customized Institutional Solutions: Ask Us About Our Custom Option!

              • Tailored Implementation: Develop a customized roadmap for AI education that addresses your institution’s unique needs and maximizes the impact of AI technologies.
              • Adaptable Curriculum: Integrate specific links to your institution's policies within the AI literacy program to address unique challenges and opportunities, ensuring relevance and applicability.

              Investing in the AI Literacy Essentials micro-credential series will enhance your students' academic and career prospects and position your institution as a pioneer in ethical and innovative AI use, ensuring long-term success and leadership in the rapidly evolving educational landscape.


              What People Are Saying

              I am really impressed with all of the creative ways the presenter demonstrated that generative AI can be used to foster learning and develop skills. Thank you for this very thoughtful and well-prepared presentation.

              Great workshop! All the ideas presented were easy to follow, creative, and engaging. I look forward to trying some of these ideas in my next course!


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              • Recruitment
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              • Extended Learning Institute
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              This is a feature of our platform, but comes at an additional cost. With the admin view, you get access to more advanced reporting, and you have it in real time. With the standard membership, you get monthly reports.

              How have other schools leveraged reporting?
              • One of our partners, College of Southern Nevada, used StudentLingo to measure learning outcomes. in a study, one class had access to StudentLingo and the other cohort did not. 92% of the cohort with access to StudentLingo earned a whole letter grade higher than the cohort without StudentLingo.
              • A lot of our partners use the data to justify funding for grants, operating dollars, or for new program development.
              • The evaluation data is particularly useful in identifying what type of learning students prefer and the qualitative takeaways from viewing the workshop.
              • Some of our partners use the data to connect with their student information system, like Banner or Peoplesoft. 
              • I think a great way to get started on how you want to use the data is to ask yourself some questions:
                1. How will I know if StudentLingo was successful?
                2. What do I hope students will gain from access to StudentLingo?
                3. What data is important for me to know in order to show that StudentLingo is a worthwhile purchase?
              What is TutorLingo?

              TutorLingo is a flexible tutor training plaform and can be purchased at the Bronze, Silver or Gold level to meet your training needs.  Every level consists of a series of 9 Core online training modules that prepare tutors by providing the basic skills necessary to support their peers in becoming more independent and strategic learners. The Silver & Gold purchasing options include TLNow training and our Additional Level 1 or Level 2 training topics, all of which help to achieve Level 1 & 2 of the CRLA Certification.  See our pricing guide for details.

              Should the TutorLingo trainings be viewed in any particular order?

              No, each training is a stand-alone workshop, and they can be viewed in any order.

              Do you offer micro-credentialing for Tutoring Center staff?

              Yes, we offer multiple micro-credentials which would serve Tutoring Center teams including Tutoring Center Administration, Mastering Service Excellence, Fostering A Culturally Responsive Campus Through Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Supervisory Leadership: Maximizing Productivity & Staff Development.

              What is the CRLA?

              The CRLA is a group of student-oriented professionals active in the fields of reading, learning assistance, developmental education, tutoring, and mentoring. In 1989, the CRLA created a training program that is considered ‘best-practice’ for tutor training. A fews years ago, Innovative Educators partnered with the CRLA to create supplementary training modules. Our training supports learning centers in achieving level 1 certification through CRLA.

              Do CRLA members receive a discount on TutorLingo?

              Yes. CRLA members receive a 10% discount on TutorLingo.

              Is there an Admin View?

              Yes. The admin view is an upgrade and costs $500, but gives you the ability to access completion data more efficiently and in real time. If you don’t want the admin view, we provide monthly usage reports.

              What is ParentLingo?

              ParentLingo is a go-to resource that institutions can easily share with parents to encourage student independence, growth & success. ParentLingo is a shared resource that recognizes and includes parents as partners in the educational process.

              What is the cost?

              Please contact us for pricing information.  Email or 504-206-6585.

              What features are included?

              Standard package:

              • 8 Targeted Modules For Parents Branding (Logo On Every Page)
              • ADA Compliant & Responsive Design
              • Promotional Materials
              • Registration (First Name, Last Name, Email)

              Premier Package:

              • 8 Targeted Modules For Parents Branding (Logo On Every Page)
              • ADA Compliant & Responsive Design
              • Promotional Materials
              • Completion Reports & Standard Evaluations
              • Custom Branding (Logo & Institutional Photos)
              • 3 Additional Registration Points
              • Add & Edit Custom Content
              • Customizable Evaluations & Surveys Advanced Reporting
              • Designated Instructional Designer
              • Flexible Pricing (College Payment Option Or Parents Pay Directly)