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Mark Canada

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Mark Canada, Ph.D., is co-author of the textbook Introduction to Information Literacy for Students (Wiley, 2017). An award-winning English professor, he has taught research to many hundreds of college students, often collaborating with librarian Michael Alewine (co-author of the textbook) in mini-courses on information literacy. An experienced researcher himself, Dr. Canada is the author, co-author, editor, or co-editor of dozens of articles, presentations, and books, including Literature and Journalism in Antebellum America, Literature and Journalism: Inspirations, Intersections, and Inventions from Ben Franklin to Stephen Colbert, Out of the West: Thomas Wolfe’s Final Western Journey, and numerous articles in Journalism History, American Literary Realism, The Thomas Wolfe Review, Poe in Context, The Conversation, and other publications. His research has taken him to some of the world’s leading research libraries, including the Library of Congress, the Huntington Library, and Harvard’s Houghton Library. As Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at Indiana University Kokomo, he oversees all of the institution’s academic units, including the library, and leads the institution’s efforts in the area of student success.