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Happy Gingras

Full Bio

Happy Gingras serves as the Senior Director of Teaching and Learning at Pitt Community College. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and a Master of Arts in Adult Education from East Carolina University, Happy combines her academic background with a passion for excellence in teaching and learning.

Throughout her career, Happy has garnered recognition for her outstanding contributions, earning accolades such as the Excellence Award from the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) and the prestigious Innovation Award from the League of Innovation. Notably, her dedication and impact were further celebrated when she received the Staff of the Year award at Pitt Community College in 2023.

Beyond her administrative role, Happy is a distinguished Elite Trainer with True Colors International and a facilitator for Mental Health First Aid, reflecting her commitment to holistic student support. Continuously seeking to expand her expertise, she is currently pursuing a credential in emotional intelligence and strengths-based coaching.

Active in professional circles, Happy is a valued member of her state’s professional association, where she contributes insights and expertise to further the field of education. Additionally, her passion for sharing knowledge extends to the realm of publishing, as she has authored books on flipped and online learning, cementing her reputation as a thought leader in educational innovation.

When she's not immersed in the world of academia, Happy enjoys nature, indulging her love for gardening and kayaking. She treasures moments spent with her family and cherished pets, finding joy and rejuvenation in their company.