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Dr. John Eller

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Dr. John Eller is well versed in the topic of this webinar. He has worked extensively with students and student issues for over 30 years. John is currently the Director of the Applied Doctoral Program in Educational Administration and Leadership at St. Cloud State. John also serves at the Department Chair for the Educational Leadership and Higher Education Department. Before coming to St. Cloud State, John was the Coordinator of the Principal Preparation Program at Virginia Tech University for the National Capital Region in Washington DC. He has also taught at the undergraduate and community college levels and worked extensively with programs designed for students pursuing alternative degrees using alternative pathways.

He has authored and co-authored several books related to working successfully with difficult and negative people including: Working with Difficult and Resistant Staff, Thriving as a New Teacher (Solution Tree Press), Working with and Evaluating Difficult School Employees (Corwin Press), and has authored many other articles and publications on the topic of designing and delivering difficult messages.

In addition, Dr. Eller has also designed and delivered seminars and webinars on this topic. He co-authored and delivered the training curriculum for the Federal Aviation Administration’s Conflict Coaching model. This model is currently being implemented to help managers effectively deal with conflict and negativity in the agency. John Eller has also served as a Conflict Coach and an Executive Coach for the FAA and the AO US Courts agencies. He has conducted strategic planning and team building sessions for the Army National Guard and the FAA. John has also served as a coach for numerous instructors and leaders, helping them successfully work with difficult people.