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How To Be A Successful Online Learner: 5 Practical Strategies To Share With Students

Online learning enrollment continues to expand even as traditional enrollment declines. Recent research indicates that the more online courses students enroll in, the less likely they are to be retained or pass courses. How can we prepare students for the online learning environment as well as provide ongoing resources to help them succeed?

Here are 5 tips to share with your incoming or current students as they transition into online classes:

  1. Before classes begin, organize your work space! Starting off the semester with a dedicated learning space that has all the supplies you’ll need is a recipe for success. This video has practical tips for how to prepare your learning space!
  2. Manage your time! Research tells us that successful students use a calendar to organize their responsibilities, class due dates and to break big assignments into small pieces. Watch this short video for tips on managing your time in an online class!
  3. Take notes and plan your study time. Without notes, our minds recall less than 20% of what we hear. Writing and reviewing notes for online classes is critical to success. Here are some tips for preparing and studying in online classes.
  4. Plan for the unexpected. Inevitably online students have moments when the internet goes down or the computer won’t start. Have a plan for when technology or life doesn’t quite work correctly so that those moments don’t impact your motivation or momentum. Listen to these tips on planning for the unexpected.
  5. Stay connected with your fellow students and your faculty. Reach out to faculty and classmates to create study groups or just to connect in small groups and stay engaged! Watch this short video on staying engaged in different kinds of online classes.

To provide additional resources for your students and learn more about how you can prepare students for online learning success, check out this video!

Resource: Teaching & Learning Symposium

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