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Ted Simendinger

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Ted Simendinger is a an upbeat and popular speaker and guest who has appeared on major TV networks from coast to coast and 4,500+ radio stations worldwide. He has taught, coached, and lectured at universities, corporations, consulting companies, and professional training organizations in 40+ countries on six continents. A life skills expert, Ted is the author of 13 books plus four screenplays optioned for motion picture development.

Ted’s interest and research in the field of Worry date back to 1984. His popular book Managing the Worry Circle is based upon his fact-­‐based research findings from more than 3,000 people kind enough to participate. Ted has taught the Worry Circle and helped change lives all around the world. The Impact of Technology on Behavior & Happiness builds upon that foundation and is designed to explain why the world’s heads seem to be down more than up.

In 2010 Ted was honored as one of Jacksonville University’s “75 Distinguished Dolphins,” an award bestowed in conjunction with the school’s 75th anniversary. Recipients were deemed to have added value to the school brand while demonstrating a high level of professional success and personal integrity. He is a frequent returning guest lecturer with the English and Business Schools.

A prolific behavioral researcher, Ted’s latest book, The Impact of Technology on Behavior & Happiness, is a topic he taught in conjunction with Managing the Worry Circle at prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) Media Lab, the graduate school that produces many of our next generation computer-­‐centric visionaries and leaders. Ted’s interest in the topic grew from his global observations in the classroom and out. His research—which involved more than a thousand invested hours—has enabled his insight in this thought-­‐provoking area of mindful behavior a popular discussion topic worldwide.

For more information about Ted and his various projects, visit For more information on The Impact of Technology on Behavior & Happiness, visit:­‐impact-­‐of-­‐technology-­‐ on-­‐behavior-­‐happiness/overview/.

A longtime professional humor writer who lost a standup competition to comedy superstar Dave Chappelle when Chappelle was 14, Ted resides in Denver. His hobbies include reading, writing, fishing, losing golf balls, and feeding hummingbirds and honeybees during the summer. He is also founder and chairman of the No Bats Baseball Club, a charity organization he began in 1991 that has since raised and donated $1.6+ million for a wide variety of wonderful 501-­‐c-­‐3 charities. For more on the club, visit