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Stacey VanderHeiden Güney

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Stacey VanderHeiden Güney describes herself as an Educational Evangelist leveraging technology and innovation to increase inclusion in higher education. As Director of the Digital Learning Solution Network (DLSN), she works to strengthen an innovative and healthy digital learning eco-system through support of ongoing network activities, grantee collaborations, and fiduciary management of the network. The long-term goal of the Digital Learning Solution Network is to increase knowledge and demand for tools and practices that demonstrate improved outcomes for first generation, low income, students of color. Prior to the DLSN and WCET, Stacey served as the Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs at Aims Community College where she focused on Online Learning, Accreditation, Institutional Research, Assessment, Faculty Development, Grants, the Learning Commons, and CTE. Prior to this, she was the founder of the ACCelerator concept for Austin Community College. The Highland Campus ACCelerator is the world’s largest technology-enhanced learning environment integrating both academic redesign and a range of student services. She earned a Ph.D. in Learning Technologies from the University of North Texas, a MS in Engineering & Policy from Washington University in St. Louis, and a BA in Physics, Math, and English from Greenville College.