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Rosie Antonecchia

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Rosie Antonecchia has 31+ years of counseling experience ranging from Mental Health and Career Centers to Education institutions. She started her career journey in Higher Education as a graduate intern at a community college 24 years ago. Her experience includes career, transfer, academic, personal counseling, and teaching student development courses.

Rosie joined the Palomar College Counseling Department in 2001 and became the Career Center Director in 2011. In her current role, she oversees daily operations, brings in career development resources for students and faculty, teaches and provides career coaching to assist students to embark on their career development journey, forges partnerships with employers seeking to hire or offer internships to students, and participates in campus-wide committees to advocate for career development and have a voice at the table.

Through her marketing efforts, she put the Career Center on the map and has been consistent with her message that “finding a career is a process, it rarely happens over-night.” She successfully launched a grant-funded internship program that helped 50 students secure paid/unpaid internships in one year; introduced, branded, and executed different career services and student events; implemented resources and systems to make career services operations and delivery more efficient and has mentored three different interns.

She serves on the CA Perkins Joint Special Populations Advisory Committee (JSPAC) to promote student equity, access and success; participates in Strong Workforce Regional Committees, Guided Pathways, and other institutional and departmental committees.