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Nina Delgadillo

Assistant Deputy Director of Safety, D-Prep

Full Bio

Nina Delgadillo is the Deputy Director for Safety at D-Prep Inc. As a retired Federal Agent, Nina has 25 years of experience as a senior criminal investigator, a congressional and media affairs representative and an instructor for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) National Academy. Nina was elected national chairperson of ATF’s first Peer Diversity Group which pioneered inclusion and awareness conversations with ATF’s senior executive  staff,  and the ATF Director.  Throughout her career, Nina advocated for women, minorities, LGBTQ  and other groups who experienced challenges across the nation.  She helped to develop understanding and the importance of cultural competency at all levels of the agency. 

Upon retirement from ATF, Nina led a team of sworn and civilian personnel as the Director of Safe Schools for a large metropolitan school district and was responsible for the safety of more than 50,000 students, staff and parents. Nina was dedicated to collaborations across directorates. Nina and her team worked closely with the district’s LGBTQ Support Services and internal and external stakeholders to engage with students and staff and supported initiatives such as crisis lines and community resources for the LGBTQ community. She engaged with LGBTQ Support Services as an active member of the LGBTQ Task Force which addressed policy and training issues related to supporting LGBTQ students and families. Their goal is to create a school environment that is welcoming and safe for all. Nina is an active participant in the promotion of helping others understand the importance of gender identity and expression in and out of the classroom.