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MJ Bridges

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Meet MJ Bridges! His journey from a young college graduate to a thriving entrepreneur is an inspiring tale of financial resilience and personal determination. MJ's journey began at Alabama State University where he majored in mathematics. From the very start, his passion for learning was matched by his desire to help others succeed. MJ quickly became a trusted tutor within his dormitory, the science lab, and student programs.

Years later, after completing his graduate studies at the University of Indianapolis, MJ encountered a significant financial challenge. At the age of 25, like many ambitious millennials, he had ventured to Atlanta with dreams of building a successful entrepreneurial career. However, debt was a formidable obstacle, preventing him from financing his aspirations and causing him to be stranded on the side of an interstate with no money for fuel.

Unfazed by adversity, MJ embarked on a relentless journey to financial freedom. Through sheer determination and hard work, he successfully eliminated an astounding $96,942 of consumer and student loan debt, earning him the well-deserved title of "Young & Debt Free." Today, MJ has transitioned into a full-time "edu-preneur" and Airbnb Host, where he passionately dedicates his efforts to educating students on the fundamentals of personal finance and college readiness.

MJ's journey is an extraordinary example of how education, determination, and the courage to break free from financial shackles can lead to a life of success and fulfillment. With his unwavering commitment to personal and financial growth, he stands as an inspiration and advocate to help others overcome personal finance challenges to achieve their goals. MJ remains in Atlanta, GA where he runs his company, Young & Debt Free, full time. He enjoys distant running, personal journaling, reading historical markers, and venturing on land close to the oceans.