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Michelle Sanders

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Michelle Sanders is a Reading Instructor at Hillsborough Community College. Previously, she was a Reading Teacher in public K-12 systems. Michelle describes her teaching strengths in terms of creativity and student engagement. From entire units of study to a skill-specific lesson, she endeavors to make lessons engaging, fun, and meaningful. For this reason, she is regularly seeking out new technology, as well as attending new professional growth training and reading professional books or articles. She comments that “our society is changing in this era of technology; therefore, our teaching must change as well to meet the needs of this generation.” She incorporates technology into her daily teaching by using clickers, Prezis, and YouTube videos regularly. She also integrates some social media into her courses as well to reach the digital natives and promotes student engagement, which often leads to student success and retention.

Michelle earned her MA in English from Northwestern State University and MEd in Literacy and Reading Education from UNLV. Additionally, she received her BA in English from Southeastern University.