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Lindsey Weber

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Lindsey Weber earned her Bachelor’s in Applied Psychology and Sociology with a focus on Social Research at Bryant University in 2011 and her Master’s in Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology at Boston College in 2012. Currently, Lindsey works at Bryant University. Prior to that, Lindsey served as the Advisor for Academic Support and Technology at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. In both positions, she works closely with at-risk students to create actionable academic success plans and monitor academic progress. She also conducts academic workshops in Bryant’s University’s Academic Center for Excellence and teaches a student success course designed for transfer student called Transfer Transitions.

Lindsey is most interested in Educational Psychology in higher education and has extensively researched college student success. For example, she designed and implemented a curriculum to prepare first-generation college students for the academic challenges they may face as undergraduates. She is also interested in innovative pedagogies and is published in Innovations and Challenges in Teaching and Learning Educational Psychology (forthcoming), where her research examined creative pedagogies which include techniques for integrating technology and multimedia into the classroom. Overall, Lindsey seeks to enhance students’ academic experiences both in the classroom and in their interactions with academic support personnel.