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La'Tonya "LT" Rease Miles

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La'Tonya "LT" Rease Miles, Ph.D. is a Director of University Partnerships at ReUp Education. A first-generation college graduate and former "stop out" student, LT has established two successful programs for first-generation college students — one at UCLA and the other at Loyola Marymount University—both recognized as First-gen Forward institutions. She regularly consults with institutions nationally concerning first-gen students and also has advised local high schools about developing programs on their campus. Finally, she established and manages a national Facebook group, "Empowering First Generation Students" and is the Chief Strategist for the "First Gen & Juice" brand. Prior to this position, LT was on the Leadership team at Career Launch and was Dean of Student Affairs at Menlo College, where she also spearheaded campus-wide initiatives that address student food insecurity and established resources for students who identify as "non-traditional," including commuters, parents/caregivers, and returning adults. She earned a Ph.D. in American literature from UCLA; and her research interests include the hidden curriculum in higher education, narratives about the first-generation college experience, and the representation of first-generation students in popular culture. Her most recent publication explores the positive relationships between campus service workers and first-generation students. LT is passionate about NBA basketball, college football, “Friday Night Lights," and "The Flash."