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Keri Roeller

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Keri Roeller has over 15 years of experience in higher education in the MinnState System. Helping students navigate through varying aspects of higher education processes at four different colleges and universities in the system, she discovered her passion for coaching individuals towards achieving their goals. As a mom and wife, she completed her undergraduate degree from Metropolitan State University in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Career Counseling and Development in 2017. This experience as a non-traditional student changed how she viewed the student experience. It sparked a desire to work with underrepresented students to help them understand the complex path to college. After 12 years of Admission, Registration, Financial Aid, and Advising roles, Keri learned of an opportunity that would allow her to align her passion and experience to drive student success initiatives at Saint Paul College. Keri currently works as the Coordinator of Retention and Student success through a Strengthening Institutions (Title III) Grant. This work inspired her to enroll in a Master’s of Higher Education Administration program at St. Cloud State University. She is committed to advancing change in higher education to better serve students and ensure that education is accessible and equitable to all students.