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Julius Dobos

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With two decades of professional experience as an award-winning composer, media producer, Gyula Dobos joined education in 2012 as Distinguished Lecturer at Cogswell College / University of Silicon Valley. Having grown up in Europe and advanced his career in the United States, Mr. Dobos brought a multi-cultural mindset and a profession-focused approach to reform the college’s “real-world project” studio. In 2013, he conceptualized MediaWorks, USV’s premier client-based multidisciplinary project, and has been refining its unique teaching methods as Director, since.

Today, as Distinguished Professor at USV, he lectures in a wide range of music- and audio production courses and serves as the Digital Audio Technology Department’s senior portfolio advisor. Mr. Dobos has held positions as Faculty Senate President, Curriculum Chair at USV, serves on the academic advisory board of Mission Valley ROP and as the Vice Chair of the Audio Engineering Society’s San Francisco Section. He holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and an M.A. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

In no small part due to MediaWorks’ success and novel methods, Mr. Dobos has been a speaker at national conferences, sharing his project-based teaching approaches and promoting innovation in education. He is a co-author of On the Line – Business Education in the Digital Age (Springer), author of the upcoming book Universities’ Guide to Saving Education, a speaker in the topic of creative technologies and a client-based education project consultant.