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Gail Rulloda

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Gail is currently a full-time counselor for Disability Support Programs & Services (DSPS) at Napa Valley College. She also currently serves as an adjunct DPS counselor for Solano College where she also teaches and does counseling for justice-involved and justice-impacted students in the Students Overcoming Adversity and Recidivism (SOAR) program. Prior to working at both schools, Gail served as the Learning Disability Specialist and Instructor for DSPS at De Anza College where she still teaches one course.

Gail brings a depth of experience working with students with disabilities, with expertise in LD eligibility testing, academic and personal counseling, classroom instruction, and curriculum development. She is a strong advocate for leveraging technology to engage all students with to support their success in college and works to provide pathways and transitions to college and

careers. Prior to working in the California Community College system, she spent 9 years in the K-12 system teaching special education in both Resource Specialist Program (RSP) and Special Day Class (SDC). She also has extensive experience working with parents and families developing strategies for their children’s success in education.

Being interested in all aspects of special education, Gail worked as an Early Interventionist serving and working with children 0-3 years old at Community Gatepath. There she was able to work with Regional Centers and a team of physical therapists, speech language pathologist, and occupational therapists.

Gail has worked with instructional faculty, academic coaches, tutors, and mentors to provide additional, focused support for students with disabilities both in-person and online. She is committed to ensuring all students have access and support to achieve their academic goals.

Gail is currently in the Ed.D. Educational Leadership doctoral program at San Francisco State University and is conducting research about justice-impacted students in the California Community College system. Gail holds a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Special Education.