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Erin Halligan-Avery, PhD

Founder of ConcernCenter, Inc.

Full Bio

Erin Halligan-Avery, PhD is the President and Founder of ConcernCenter, Inc. a software company that helps people find support resources more easily, efficiently, and equitably simply by identifying their concern.

Erin is formally trained as a PhD in Mental Health Counseling and Supervision from the University of Rochester and worked in various Institutions of Higher Education for 18 years prior to running the ConcernCenter company. Her responsibilities have always focused on helping others and her previous work included disability support, Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment Teams, student health and counseling, and student wellness.

Erin is an experienced presenter, consultant, and change agent. She prides herself on leading strong and effective teams from a place of transparency and trust. Erin has always had a heart for helping others feel seen and valued and cares deeply about supporting people who are struggling. She believes that together, we can change the way people seek and find support.