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Dr. Steven R Van Hook

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Dr. Steven R. Van Hook has spent more than two decades as an on-ground and online instructor, mentor, and faculty trainer for universities and organizations including University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB), California Lutheran University, Antioch University, Ellis University, Cardean Learning Group, as well as a guest lecturer at universities in Russia and Ukraine.

Steven has a PhD specializing in transcultural education, an MA in communications, and a BA in journalism.

Steven has worked as a crisis counselor, a department of corrections intake officer, a domestic violence group facilitator, and completed graduate level studies in counseling psychology.

Steven has been a television news anchor, news division manager for an NBC affiliate, host for a TalkNet radio public affairs program, and a weekly newspaper columnist. He managed the American side in Russia of a US/USSR joint-venture with the newspaper Literaturnaya Gazeta, and produced public education television, radio, and newspaper projects in Ukraine.

His research in transcultural learning has been published by SAGE and UNESCO journals. Research website: