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Dr. Jerome Juska

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Dr. Juska is a graduate of Northwestern University, a professor of advertising, marketing communication, and business management, as well as an educational consultant and seminar leader for a variety of topics, including creativity training.

During his professional business career, Dr. Juska held executive positions at several global corporations, including Jeep, American Motors, U.S. Telephone, and International Harvester. He earned two CLIO awards for advertising excellence, along with national recognition in the automotive and communication industries. He was on the Advisory Board for the International Advertising Association, a member of the American Marketing Association and the Chicago Advertising Federation, as well as a creative and media judge for Advertising Age Magazine.

Dr. Juska has lectured extensively in Europe and Japan. He also lived and taught MBA classes in Switzerland for Franklin College, as the Chair of the International Business Division. In the United States, Dr. Juska has taught online courses for the University of Illinois and has been a lecturer at the University of Central Florida and Rollins College. Recently, a London-based publisher, Routledge began distributing his new business textbook: Integrated Marketing Communication: Advertising and Promotion in a Digital World (2017). The focus of the textbook is using research methods to develop creative brand message strategies for reaching targeted audiences through both traditional and digital media platforms.

Dr. Juska specializes in teaching online MBA courses in Marketing, Social Media, Digital Technology, and Creative Thinking. He requires active involvement and collaboration with an emphasis on problem-solving and strategic thinking. As a result, his courses result in a very practical and meaningful learning experience.