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Chris Hulleman

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Chris Hulleman is a faculty member at the University of Virginia where he conducts research on educational interventions grounded in theories of social and personality psychology, motivation, and human development. Recently, his work has focused on examining the extent to which helping students find relevance in their coursework for their lives increases learning and interest. Chris partners with practitioners and other researchers to develop interventions that boost motivation, learning, and achievement in school and sports. Examples of this include a national researcher-practitioner network, a national network of researchers focused on learning mindsets, and a national researcher-practitioner network focused on the transition to college. For more information on Chris's motivation research, see the Motivate Lab website. Chris also conducts research on methods of evaluating the extent to which educational interventions were implemented as designed (i.e., intervention fidelity). Chris's research on fidelity includes preschool science classrooms (e.g., ECHOS, RISE), the contribution of the Responsive Classroom Approach to children’s social and academic growth, and interventions designed to increase value for students in STEM and other subject areas.