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Brian Heider

President, Axiom Investigations Group

Full Bio

Brian Heider serves as the Executive Director of the Workplace Violence Prevention Association and is the President of Axiom Investigations Group, a professional investigation and risk management firm dedicated to serving the business, education, and public safety communities. For more than 23 years, Brian has dedicated his professional life to individual and public safety. Brian started a career in law enforcement in 2000, working as a police officer and then detective for the City of Orange Police Department in Southern California.

In 2010, Brian formed Oracle Investigations Group, a professional investigation agency specializing in personnel investigations involving public, private, and charter school educational institutions and public entities. For the past 14 years, Brian and his team have conducted investigations for over 500 public entities, education institutions, and public safety organizations. In 2014, after noticing a need for comprehensive school safety solutions for California’s K12 education community, Brian formed School Shield, Inc., a professional organization dedicated to providing safe school solutions funded by available state grants. To date, Brian has trained thousands of employees in personal and organizational safety as well as investigative practices and procedures. Brian has also been active in working with local and state elected officials to pass safe school funding resolutions. Brian is also an active member of many trade associations related to threat and risk assessment, investigations, and human resources. Brian credits his most notable accomplishments as convincing his wife to marry him, raising several wonderful young humans, and solving a homicide while carpooling home from work with his wife (true story).