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Andrew Luna

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Dr. Andrew Luna has been in higher education for almost 30 years. He is Director of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment at the University of North Alabama. Beforehand, he served as Director of Institutional Research and Planning at the University of West Georgia. Dr. Luna also served as a Senior Institutional Research Analyst with the Office of Planning and Budget at the University of Louisville, and held various positions in market research and public relations within The University of Alabama.

Dr. Luna earned a Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in higher education administration at the University of Alabama, and Master’s and Baccalaureate degrees in journalism at The University of Alabama. He is also the author of many articles and chapters in peer reviewed publications and has presented at numerous state, regional, national, and international conferences. Recently, Dr. Luna received the Distinguished Service Award from the Southern Association of Institutional Research as well as the Joseph Sutton Award for distinguished service through the Alabama Association of Institutional Research.

Dr. Luna has published and presented much on the topic of faculty salary discrimination. Some of his publication include Journal of Higher Education, New Directions for Institutional Research, Handbook on Institutional Research, and Primer for Institutional Research. Furthermore, Dr. Luna has worked with a number of southeastern higher education institutions on faculty discrimination.