SLNow Scholarship Winners

Wellness Warriors

Scholarship Winner: Dina Comeaux, San Jacinto College

I am self-motivated, a hard worker, and have realistic goals and aspirations. I wish to contribute to the betterment of society as a whole. It is not so much about me as it is about others. What can I contribute to improve the world? How can I, in my own way, make things better for others? Your scholarship will help me achieve my dreams. Nothing will ever compare to the fulfillment that improving and saving the lives of others will bring me in my nursing career! I am so honored. This is truly a blessing. Thank you so much.

Resiliency Rebound

Scholarship Winner: Andrea Hernandez, Northwest Vista College

The Resiliency Rebound Scholarship is not just a financial aid; it is a beacon of hope and encouragement. This award will help me continue to pursue my educational goals with renewed determination. I am truly grateful for the support, and I am committed to making the most of this opportunity.

Mindful Minutes

Scholarship Winner: Jerym Waterson, BYU Hawaii

I am very honored to be able to receive such a scholarship. this will greatly contribute to the development of my education.

Financial Fitness

Scholarship Winner: Madi Craven, Fayetteville State University

Wow, I surely wasn't expecting this! I am happy to have come across the opportunity to learn more with Financial Fitness.

Thinking About Graduate School: Here’s What You Need To Know

Scholarship Winner: Eduardo Avila, Texas State University

It is with great pleasure that I am receiving this scholarship. As a low income, first generation college student, my journey through college has been met with intense anxiety and confusion. Though I’ve had to muddle my way through this process alone, I have received incredible assistance from my advisors and professors. I would like to thank the financial aid department at Lone Star College for encouraging me to apply, and motivating me to pursue a higher education degree. I have learned that perseverance, determination and commitment will take you far, and that everything will work itself out in the end. A big thank you to Innovate Educators, you have given me a helping hand on the path to success!

10 Life Hacks For College Students: Build The Life You Want 

Scholarship Winner: Jimisha Nickson, Notre Dame College

Top 10 Financial Literacy Questions

Scholarship Winner: Brook Trounge, Golden West College

When this scholarship opportunity was presented to me, I considered not attempting a submission because I thought that there was no chance for me to win, but I tried anyway. A little while later, I received news that I won! This experience taught me 2 lessons, and the first one is to believe in yourself more often because a lot of good opportunities can come from it. The second lesson I learned is that we should always try. If I hadn’t even attempted a submission for this scholarship, I wouldn’t even have the chance of winning, so as long as we try, there will be a chance! I’m so thankful for this scholarship because money is a huge factor when it comes to picking what college I would like to transfer to due to location. Thank you for this opportunity!!

Five Tips For Stress Management & Better Sleep

Scholarship Winner: Jalina Griffin, Concordia University Ann Arbor

This is my first semester ever at Concordia. I didn’t do so well with all of the transitions that I ended up losing a couple of scholarships. This gives me a second opportunity at Concordia, and I truly love being at Concordia! I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to be granted this scholarship. It has truly helped my financial situation!

Five Ways Asking For Help Can Build Your Confidence

Scholarship Winner: Maria Lazalde, New Mexico State University

This scholarship means more than just obtaining money, it's giving me the opportunity to continue with my studies next semester without having to worry about a big monetary balance under my student account. It's giving me a peace of mind and allowing me to have a restful break. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!

How To Talk To Someone About Drug & Alcohol Concerns

Scholarship Winner: Amil Ali-Shakir, Notre Dame College

Receiving the SLNow scholarship will now help me become even closer to reaching my milestone of becoming a first generation graduate! As a TRO student, I am so grateful to be given the opportunities and resources to allow me to be the best student possible! With the $500 I plan to use the money towards my books during my last semester while pursuing a double major in Human Resources and Management!

Helping Yourself Through The Holidays: Reframe, Recharge, Reset

Scholarship Winner: Meena Bhinge, NVCC

I am glad I decided to work on the TikTok competition, which helped me tap into my creativity. As I enjoyed the process, the goal of winning became secondary. Thanks, SLNow, and Innovative Educators, for creating the opportunity and for the scholarship.

How It Started, How It’s Going: Reflecting On Last Year & Creating A New Story

Scholarship Winner: Robert "Bob" Bullard, Midlands Community College

I am very thankful for your generosity.  I have been sharing my essay and your organizational info with anyone willing to listen.

Managing Stress Around Exams, Finals & Special Projects

Scholarship Winner: Athena Garza, Highland Community College

Winning the scholarship was super exciting! The ladies in Highlands Trio's program were definitely proud of me. Which is crazy to think about because all I did was make a Tik Tok video (which was fun) and got a scholarship for it. In a blur of essays and applications, it was refreshing being able apply for a scholarship in a unique way. I very much enjoy the arts and creativity and so it was really nice to be able to display that part of myself in an academic setting and get rewarded for it. I want to thank you again for choosing me as the winner, and even if I hadn't won, it was a fun process to be a part of!

How To Recognize & Cope With Loneliness

Scholarship Winner: Tariq Collins, Georgia State University

Thank you so much!

We All Have Bias: How To Increase Your Awareness & Stand Up For Inclusivity

Scholarship Winner: Maria Lazalde, New Mexico State University

Thank you so much.  This will help greatly.