Friday 5 Live! Leadership Series

Don’t "Swett" It: Conversations On Leadership

This series is being brought to you in recognition of Dr. Denise Swett and her love, commitment and service to higher education. As a seasoned professional and dear friend, Denise has touched the lives of thousands of students and administrators. Attend this Friday 5 Live series as we discuss leadership in higher education.

Each month we will focus on a different functional area within higher education. Please join us as we hear from industry experts on what it means to be a leader, recommendations for how we can lead from where we are, and resources for our own professional growth.


Fall 2021 Speaker Schedule

Friday 5 Live! Social Impact In Justice, Equity & Inclusion: Conversations On Leadership
Friday, September 24 ~ 12:00-12:45pm (Eastern)
Dr. Ding-Jo H. Currie, founder, and director of Leadership Institute for Tomorrow (LIFT) at CSU Fullerton. LIFT aims to cultivate and develop leaders who will make a social impact in justice, equity, and inclusion from the ground up.

Friday 5 Live! Creating Accessible Communities: Conversations On Leadership
Friday, October 22 ~ 12:00-12:45pm (Eastern)
Gail Rulloda & San Lu, DSPS Counselor & Alternate Media Specialist at Napa Valley Community College

Friday 5 Live! Creating Equity in Online Learning: Conversations On Leadership
Friday, November 5 ~ 12:00-12:45pm (Eastern)
Dr. Jory Hadsell, the Associate Vice Chancellor of Educational Technology Services at the Foothill-De Anza Community College District and serves as the Executive Director of the California Virtual Campus.