5 Ways Asking For Help Can Build Your Confidence

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The deadline for this scholarship has ended, and a winner has already been selected. Thank you!  

1) Watch the SLNow workshop, "5 Ways Asking For Help Can Build Your Confidence" and fill out the survey on your StudentLingo site.

2) To enter the contest, we’d like you to create a video describing a time where you are able to ask for help using the 4 C's of self-advocacy and it yields a positive outcome.

The video needs to be posted to Tik Tok by November 30, 2022. Specific instructions below. 

  • Include hashtag #SLNowScholarship8
  • Include your school name in your post
  • Tag us @innovativeeducators in your post
  • Follow us @innovativeeducators
  • Make sure your profile is public so others can see it

*Must be a college student who has a StudentLingo account to participate.

1 winner will be selected for the $500 scholarship. The winner will be announced in early December 

Don't have TikTok? Send your video to support@ieinfo.org.