Four-Year Orientation Experiences

View the student orientation experience for the four-year institutions below, starting with the learner dashboard and including the college's specific orientation module! Each college had a unique problem to solve and integrated various methods to successfully orient their incoming students.

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University of Missouri - Kansas City

As an urban-serving institution, UMKC needed to provide an orientation that was accessible to all students particularly transfer and adult learners who were struggling to participate in a traditional on campus, day-long orientation program. Online orientation allowed UMKC to expand its orientation efforts to more of its student population.

  • Location: Kansas City, Missouri
  • Type: Four-year Public University
  • Enrollment: Over 7,000
  • Content: NSO, Transfer, StudentLingo

Orientation Features: Message From Provost & Student Leaders, Interactive Quizzes, IE-Produce Success Workshops (RooUp Seminars), Forced Linear Progress

Orientation Usage: Over 7,000 registrations

Tulane University

Tulane University needed an online solution for several different reasons. First, they wanted to expand the resources available for their traditional on-campus summer orientation event called CAST (Cultivating Academic Success at Tulane), specifically for students who were not able to attend the session or wanted a way to refer back to the resources. Also, the Tulane advising team was interested in simplifying the first-semester registration process by providing students the information they needed prior to their first advising appointment and registering for classes. They were able to accomplish both of these tasks by creating customized online modules students could complete before they start their first semester.

  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Type: Four-year Private University
  • Enrollment: Approximately 7,000
  • Content: Pre-Orientation, Title IX, Emergency Preparedness

Orientation Features: Custom Animations, Tulane Treasures Video, Impactful Student Videos, Message From Dean

Pre-Orientation Completions: 11,000+ Certificates Awarded

St. Francis College

Being a faith-based institution, SFC needed a customized solution that was as unique as they are. They utilized a combination of services to support students holistically, including New Student Orientation, Essentials Of Online Learning, Online Orientation For Programs that were 100% online, International Student Module, and our Title IX student support workshop. In addition to orientation, they also leverage our entire suite of products, including StudentLingo, Go2Knowledge, TutorLingo and ParentLingo!

  • Location: Brooklyn Heights, New York
  • Type: Four-Year Private University
  • Enrollment: Approximately 2,500
  • Content: NSO, Online Learners, International, Title IX, StudentLingo

Orientation Features: Videos From IE On-Demand Library, Interactive Quizzes, IE-Produced Success Workshops, Forced Linear Progress

Average Time Spent in Orientation Module: 73 minutes

*College enrollment was pulled from the internet so may vary slightly. Orientation data was pulled from platform reports in August 2022.