Two-Year Orientation Experiences

View the student orientation experience for the community colleges below, starting with the learner dashboard and including the college's specific orientation module! Each college had a unique problem to solve and integrated various methods to successfully orient their incoming students.

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Minneapolis College

Minneapolis College was looking for an affordable & customizable orientation that highlighted their campus culture & unique student population. Using IE’s on-campus filming option, they were able to create an engaging new student orientation that showcases their campus programs and services via student and staff videos. The online orientation serves as the students’ first impression of the college via their customized videos, branding, and student stories.

  • Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Type: Community & Technical College
  • Enrollment: Over 7,000
  • Content: NSO, StudentLingo

Orientation Features: On-Campus Filming, Quizzes, Customized Videos, Technology Instruction, Student Voices, Student Success Content

Time to Launch: 2 Months After On-Campus Filming

San Diego Miramar College

San Diego Miramar College needed to implement a more robust online orientation to serve the needs of their student population. In collaboration with IE, they migrated from an in-house Canvas orientation to a more comprehensive New Student Orientation highlighting their students, faculty, and staff. Using a phased approach, they chose to enhance their orientation by adding on-campus filming videos 8 months after their initial launch date. Each orientation section highlights a different student, staff or faculty member explaining what students will learn and why the orientation information is beneficial. All Miramar students are required to start with the New Student Orientation, but then have the opportunity to "choose their own experience" by exploring additional modules that will help them be successful. The first additional module that has been added is for Veterans, and many more are in progress!

  • Location: San Diego, California
  • Type: Community College
  • Enrollment: Over 14,000
  • Content: NSO, Veterans

Orientation Features: On-Campus Filming, Additional Modules, Self-Directed Learning

New Student Orientation Completion Rate: 82%

Colorado Mountain College

Colorado Mountain College (CMC) is a rare institution, serving 11 locations covering 12,000 sq. miles. They were looking for a single online orientation solution that would allow them to seamlessly onboard all new students, including TRIO students, while simultaneously highlighting the unique programs and services each campus has to offer. In collaboration with IE, they created an engaging experience that provides students with the information needed to be successful at CMC from orientation to graduation. Administratively, they are able to track student progress, by sending data back to Recruit allowing them to fulfill reporting requirements.

  • Location: Glenwood Springs, Colorado
  • Type: Community College
  • Enrollment: Nearly 15,000
  • Content: NSO

Orientation Features: Multi-Campus Support, Single Sign-On (SSO), Data Integration (SFTP), Student Success Content

New Student Orientation Completion Rate: 80%

Weatherford College

Weatherford College needed an on-campus alternative that was both informative and engaging. They wanted to onboard students to the campus culture, its staff, their college policies, and to prepare students for success in online learning.

  • Location: Weatherford, Texas
  • Type: Community College
  • Enrollment: Over 10,000
  • Content: Online Learning, Dual Credit, StudentLingo

Orientation Features: Academic Glossary, IE-Produced Online Learning Content, Minimum Passing Score For Completion, Student Voices, Extensive Branding, Single Sign-On (SSO)

Fall Orientation Completions: 2,300+ certificates awarded

Waubonsee Community College

Waubonsee Community College released an rfp in hopes of finding a comprehensive online orientation solution to serve their diverse student body. They chose Innovative Educators to help them create engaging modules that provide their students with the knowledge needed to be successful. They have created several orientation modules to support students through Registration, Student Success, Academic Success, Financial Aid and Probation Recovery. Through a series of videos featuring faculty, staff, and students discussing their college experience and sharing tips for future students, new students are introduced to the unique spirit of Waubonsee.

  • Location: Sugar Grove, Illinois
  • Type: Community College
  • Enrollment: Over 8,500
  • Content: Pre-Registration, Waubonsee 101, Online Academic Support, Financial Aid, StudentLingo

Orientation Features: Multiple Modules, On-Campus Filming, Unscripted, Student Success Content, Single Sign-On (SSO), Data Integration (Webhook)

Fall Orientation Completions: Over 16,000+ certificates awarded

Piedmont Virginia Community College

PVCC revolutionized their First Year Seminar course by utilizing StudentLingo as a guide to their course rather than a textbook. PVCC decided to collaborate with Innovative Educators to use Student Lingo to guide their class. Then during a global pandemic, PVCC needed an online orientation quickly and were able to use their existing platform to deliver an online orientation they were proud of.

  • Location: Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Type: Community College
  • Enrollment: Over 7,000
  • Content: FYE, StudentLingo

Orientation Features: Student Stories, Branching For Specific Populations, Videos From IE On-Demand Library, Learning Assessments With Required Passing Scores, Single Sign On (SSO)

Time to Launch: 4 weeks

SUNY Corning Community College

SUNY Corning needed to launch an online orientation quickly and to include Title IX training for students. It was critical that the orientation present critical information while reflecting the campus, its people and its culture. Utilizing videos from our content library and adding some of their own, SUNY Corning incorporated a President's Welcome, a video tour of campus, and sections on campus resources, student activities and campus safety. Of special interest is their highlight of student pathways to a career, a diversity & equity commitment, and a closing celebration.

  • Location: Corning, New York
  • Type: Community College
  • Enrollment: Over 4,200
  • Content: NSO, Title IX

Orientation Features: Title IX Training For Students, Announcements, Academic Calendar, Student Voices, Support Multiple Student Populations

Time to Launch: 3 weeks

Johnston Community College

JCC quickly shifted to an Online New Student Orientation and utilized StudentLingo workshops to extend orientation into the first year experience. They incorporated a Sexual Violence and Awareness Training workshop to meet critical institutional policy needs.

  • Location: Smithfield, North Carolina
  • Type: Community College
  • Enrollment: Over 5,000
  • Content: NSO, StudentLingo

Orientation Features: Title IX Training For Students, Success Workshops, President’s Message, Extensive Branding Using Mascot & Colors

New Student Orientation Completion Rate: 80%

*College enrollment was pulled from the internet so may vary slightly. Orientation data was pulled from platform reports in August 2022.