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Student Persistence Jumps from 45% to 72% with StudentLingo® Workshops by Innovative Educators

Press Release - Innovative Educators

[Boulder CO] - [6/6/24]

A study by the Routledge group found that students who engage in formal study skills training are 50% more likely to achieve higher grades compared to those who do not receive such training. This improvement is often equivalent to raising their grades by one full letter. Innovative Educators, a leader in higher education, introduces StudentLingo® designed to significantly enhance academic performance among its students. This comprehensive program will address key academic challenges through the innovative use of StudentLingo® interactive workshops focusing on study skills, time management, and academic writing.

Enhancing Student Success Through Innovative Solutions

Recognizing the prevalent issues that hinder student success, such as ineffective study techniques, poor time management, and deficiencies in academic writing, Innovative Educators is committed to providing its students with the tools they need to thrive academically. The new initiative targets core areas of student development:

  • Study Skills Competency Gaps: Empowering students with effective study techniques.
  • Time Management & Executive Functioning Deficits: Teaching prioritization and planning.
  • Academic Writing Limitations: Guiding through the nuances of academic writing.
Evidence-Based Results

The decision to implement StudentLingo® workshops is backed by compelling evidence from peer institutions. Notably, a case study from St. Paul College (SPC) demonstrated significant improvements in student persistence and success rates:

  • Background: SPC aimed to address an equity gap in persistence and success among students of color in developmental education courses.
  • Intervention: Implementation of StudentLingo® workshops as part of a Title III Grant.
  • Results: Post-implementation, the rate of student persistence increased from 45% to 72%. Students who accessed orientation and StudentLingo® workshops showed higher GPAs.

Additionally, a control group experiment at The College of Southern Nevada revealed that students with access to StudentLingo® workshops earned on average one letter grade higher than those without access, highlighting the substantial impact of these resources on academic performance.

Leadership Quotes:

"We use StudentLingo® as the textbook for our First Year Experience Course. And when I look at the number of students that are using StudentLingo®, the cost per student is very affordable!" - Todd Parks, Piedmont Valley Community College

"After one year, we realize that we can use the resources in many ways... in the classroom, in personal coaching, and in individual student learning." - Angela Waltrip, Lee University

Looking Ahead

Innovative Educators’ initiative is poised to transform the academic landscape for its students, equipping them with essential skills for success both in their studies and future careers. The institution invites media outlets, educational leaders, and the public to follow this exciting development as it unfolds.