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The Role Of DEI & Belonging In College Education: Cultivating An Inclusive Campus

Cultivating An Inclusive Campus


The Crucial Role Of DEI Education In Shaping Well-rounded College Students 

In today's diverse and interconnected world, it is critical that college students receive an education which incorporates Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training. Providing students with opportunities to understand and appreciate different cultures, identities, and perspectives helps students to develop empathy and cultural competence. DEI education involves actively engaging with topics related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and other dimensions of human identity with the ultimate goal to foster an inclusive and equitable society by addressing systemic inequalities and promoting social justice. It encourages individuals to embrace differences, challenge stereotypes, and dismantle barriers that hinder equal opportunities for all. Read on for strategies to provide DEI education for campus communities.

Gaining Empathy & Cultural Competence: The Impact Of DEI Education

DEI education has a profound impact on college students, shaping their personal and professional lives. By learning about different cultures, histories, and experiences, students develop a broader perspective that enhances their critical thinking skills. DEI education also equips students with the tools to become effective advocates for social change. Even more importantly, DEI education fosters empathy and cultural competence among college students. By engaging with diverse perspectives, students learn to appreciate and respect different cultures, beliefs, and lived experiences. They become more aware of their own biases and develop the skills to navigate diverse social and professional environments. Utilizing workshops, speakers, and training programs, institutions can teach students to identify and address microagressions and implicit bias and understand their role in diverse communities. This not only enhances their interpersonal relationships but also prepares them for success in an increasingly globalized workforce. 

Promoting Inclusivity & Diversity On College Campuses

DEI education plays a crucial role in promoting inclusivity and diversity on college campuses. It creates an environment where all students feel valued, respected, and included. By incorporating DEI principles into campus policies and practices, colleges can foster a sense of belonging among students from diverse backgrounds.

Institutions can support inclusivity by ensuring a diverse curriculum, beginning with inclusive syllabus creation and universal course design. Including diverse perspectives, authors, and case studies in various disciplines allows students to see themselves and their experiences reflected in their education and exposes them to different worldviews and encourages critical thinking. Additionally, colleges can establish affinity groups and student organizations that support the needs and interests of underrepresented communities. Such spaces provide students the opportunity to connect, find support systems, and celebrate their shared identities. Staff from Trinity Washington University shared recommendations for supporting diverse student populations in a recent Friday 5 Live podcast episode.

Supporting DEI Education In Colleges

While the benefits of DEI education are evident, there are challenges and barriers to its continued presence in higher education institutions. In particular lack of resources and funding for DEI initiatives, as well as a lack of training for educators, can pose obstacles. Creating a culture that values DEI requires a collective effort from all stakeholders. It is essential to provide ongoing training and professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, like Innovative Educators’ DEI micro-credential, to ensure they are equipped to facilitate DEI discussions effectively. 


While many state legislatures have pushed back against DEI offices and initiatives in higher education, the U.S. population is becoming more diverse. DEI education will continue to be critical as institutions work to support the communities they represent and help shape a more equitable and just society. .

Innovative Educators’ Commitment To DEI

Innovative Educators, a Women-Owned Business, remains committed to supporting institutions to grow and develop DEI initiatives. For nearly 20 years, IE has assisted college leaders to build foundations of success for their students, faculty and staff. Grounded in best practices for online learning, Innovative Educators student support tools are engaging, interactive, and community-building. Go2Orientation, OnlineLingo and StudentLingo together create a powerful online resource center providing support to students throughout their academic journey. Go2Knowledge provides critical professional development resources on a variety of DEI related topics for campus communities.

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By Meg Foster
Online Learning & Design Specialist - Consultant
July 18, 2023



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