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Supporting Student-Parents On College Campuses: 3 Strategies For Success

Tips to support student parents

Over 5.4 million college student-parents are studying in the United States, and over 22% of undergraduates have dependent children. While student-parents carry higher grade point averages, they are ten times more likely to drop out of school. How can our institutions better support this often-overlooked population on our college campuses? In our most recent episode of the Friday 5 Live podcast, Bianca Ramirez, a student parent and founder of the nonprofit organization Student Parents Empowered, shared tips for how institutions can create a better learning environment for their student-parents.

1. Support Student-Parents With Access To Childcare

The biggest challenge facing students who have dependent children is reliable and affordable childcare. It is often a need for more childcare that causes students to drop out. Bianca encourages colleges to partner with local organizations like YMCAs or churches to ensure student-parents have childcare and that such programming is offered during class hours, evenings, and weekends to ensure that student-parents have access when they most need care.

2. Create Family-Friendly Policies For Student-Parents

How do institutional policies support student-parents? Are children allowed on campus? Are syllabi family-friendly? How are classes offered in a way that supports completion by student-parents? 70% of student-parents are single parents. Bianca strongly recommended that institutions connect with student-parents to understand their needs and the challenges they face and creatively consider how they can support them through events like Student-Parent Day or Kids on Campus initiatives. 

3. Ensure Safe & Affordable Housing For Student-Parents

Housing insecurity poses yet another significant challenge for student-parents. Bianca's own experience, where she found herself in a shelter as a new mom after losing her on-campus housing, highlights the urgency of this issue. Educational institutions can step up by utilizing their own residential spaces to create family-friendly housing options or by partnering with local resources, including apartment complexes. Ensuring that student-parents have access to safe and affordable housing is essential for their academic success and overall well-being.

Looking for more tips for supporting student parents? Check out our Friday 5 Live Podcast episode Making Student-Parents Visible On College Campuses.

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By Meg Foster
Online Learning & Design Specialist - Consultant


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