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Professional Development - What Are Your Challenges?

Not enough professional development dollars to go around? Cost of conferences getting too expensive? Not enough time for you to research all the trainings available?

We all know that professional development is a tremendous learning tool that impacts employee satisfaction and retention, so why doesn’t every organization have a professional development program and why doesn’t every employee take advantage of professional development opportunities? What do you need and want from a professional development program?
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Does your school have a formal professional development program?  Does your school offer money to attend in-person conferences? Do you get specific PD monies to use how you want?  Do you have full access to professional development opportunities? How can professional development be improved at your institution?

July 24, 2019

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  • BObbie Robbins's
    BObbie Robbins's

    Our school of nursing is so underfunded we cannot attend all the conferences we would like. Webinars are very useful, especially the 90 minute programs. However many of the programs seem to go very quickly. We’d prefer a longer explanation of some items before getting into the details of the training. PD could be improved by pooling our money together so we can bring in a faculty delvelopment consultant or someone tha can share the ins and out of good teaching skills. Our center for teaching and learning is full of CDs which we like. Many of our faculty use this center to watch programs that are so inspirational. If we could get a new CD player, that would ideal. Thanks for all you do. I’m sure your products are good but I’m concerned with all the issues in your area and wonder if that might be one of the more significant issues worth pursuing.

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