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Procrastination in College: Essential Tips for Parents to Help Their Students

Procrastination  Tips For College Students

Are you looking for tips to help your college student address procrastination? Learn from experts Dr. Amy Baldwin and Dr. Laurie Hazard as they share essential strategies for parents.

Understanding Overwhelm: A Step Towards Managing Procrastination

College classes are demanding and require an often intense amount of work. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the quantity of work, but students can't get stuck here. Addressing procrastination begins with taking the first step. If students seem unable to figure out how to get started on an assignment, encourage them to list the steps they need to take to complete their work and then spend 15-20 minutes accomplishing step one. Once a student gets going on a project, they find a rhythm to continue progressing. If a student is struggling with feeling overwhelmed, a good recommendation is to focus on what needs to be done for that day versus continuing to focus on the entirety of the project.

Accountability Partners: A Key Strategy in Overcoming Student Procrastination

Encourage students to find someone on campus (friend, faculty, tutor) whom they can check in with weekly and report on their progress on completing school work. The accountability partner can encourage them and provide tips and strategies for submitting assignments.

Find Motivation For All Classes

Students may find that they are less motivated in one particular class. The content may be challenging or not material they find particularly interesting. Often, lack of motivation can lead to procrastination. Encourage students to take a week and prioritize the class they are struggling with - create a plan for completing work, attend class, participate in a study group, or meet with the instructor.

Create a Weekly Plan

One strategy for not feeling overwhelmed is to plan out a week's worth of class, schoolwork, and other activities. Encourage your students to spend time Sunday evening planning out the following week. They should block time for class, time for completing assignments, and time for self-care, like prioritizing sleep and movement! College students sometimes forget that for every one hour they are in class, they should expect two to three hours worth of reading, assignments, etc.


Discover more proven strategies to support your college student. Watch Amy and Laurie's insightful video conversation on addressing procrastination! Learn more about strategies parents and families can use to help their college students! 


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By Meg Foster
Online Learning & Design Specialist - Consultant
December 13, 2023


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