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Harnessing AI: A Toolkit For Success In Work & Learning

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In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, a fresh AI tool or application emerges almost daily, revolutionizing how we approach both work and learning. But how can educators and professionals effectively leverage these tools in their work and teaching? In our Friday 5 Live podcast, Dr. Jean Mandernach, a distinguished expert in online teaching and learning, provides insights into navigating the maze of AI tools, spotlighting her top recommendations and their ideal applications. Read on to learn six key takeaways from Jean’s presentation.

Assemble An AI Toolbox

Jean recommends using ChatGPT, Bing, Claude, and Bard as the foundation of that toolbox because of their versatility and applicability across higher education. These tools are not just about conversational AI; they represent a significant leap in the digital landscape of education, offering innovative solutions for complex problems.

Students Need AI Literacy

In the realm of AI in education, we are currently experiencing a unique tug of war. Many professionals are grappling with the challenges posed by generative AI, particularly in relation to academic integrity. However, we have a responsibility as educators to teach students how to use the AI tools that will be absolutely essential to their future. This includes instructing them on how to scrutinize AI-generated content for bias and to understand the underlying mechanics of these advanced technologies.

AI Tools Are Changing The Way Students Learn

Jean encourages educators to embrace the new ways students are learning through AI. These tools can assist in creating personalized and differentiated learning paths, a crucial aspect of modern AI for students. They can help students in various tasks, from preparing for tests to managing daily schedules, thus enhancing the overall AI applications in education.

AI Tools Can Let Educators Evaluate Students’ Thought Processes

Using AI tools in student assignments offers a unique window into their learning process. This approach shifts the focus from the final product to the journey of learning, allowing educators to gain insights into the students' analytical and problem-solving skills.

AI Tools Can Create Efficiency For Faculty & Staff

For faculty and staff, these AI tools are not just about automation; they are about enhancing the quality of education. From preparing ADA-compliant materials to creating engaging and interactive learning experiences, AI is redefining the AI for educators landscape.

Concerned About Data Privacy & Bias?

Data privacy and addressing bias in AI are critical concerns in today's digital landscape. Jean recommends Claude for those particularly concerned about these issues. Moreover, settings in tools like ChatGPT can be adjusted to enhance data security, ensuring that these AI tools align with the highest standards of user privacy.


Interested in learning more about generative AI and harnessing these tools in the educational setting? Check out Jean Mandernach’s webinar series on AI tools, a must-watch for anyone involved in online teaching and learning.

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By Meg Foster
Online Learning & Design Specialist - Consultant
December 6, 2023


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