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Friday 5: Things To Ponder This Week In Higher Ed 7/17/20

We hope you will join us on Friday, July 24th for our next Friday 5 Live.   Andrea G. Harris, Senior Director, Student Administrative Service at Pepperdine University, will join us to talk about common issues that all people working from home experience, and how to maintain boundaries between personal and professional areas. We will also discuss balance and how to improve overall well-being.



The State of Higher Education This Week

COVID cases continue to rise this week in parts of the United States, impacting institutional decisions for the fall semester.  Vermont and Utah have announced mandatory face covering rules at colleges and universities while the University of Georgia system reversed an initial decision to not require face coverings on campuses. Additional fall sports schedules have been cancelled: Hampton University announced it will not participate in a fall sports season.  Leagues including the Patriot League, CIAA and NESCAC will also not play this fall.  We continue to watch closely as fall plans evolve at campuses nationwide.



The Chronicle of Higher Education reports this week that the Trump Administration rescinded guidance that “would have prohibited international students from studying at campuses offering online-only instruction this fall.” The announcement was made on Tuesday after multiple lawsuits were filed amidst widespread pushback from the higher-education community.  Education Dive reported Thursday that there may be a replacement ruling in the works.


$40 million: How much of the University of Pennsylvania's $91-million budget deficit went to one-time costs for coronavirus-safety measures like personal protective equipment, support for social-distancing changes, and an increase in student financial aid. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)


College administrators are setting up clear expectations for how students will conduct themselves upon returning to campus.  According to Inside Higher Education’s reporting this week, administrators are crafting conduct codes and written pledges to mandate social distancing and face mask wearing.  It is unclear, however, how far colleges can extend these mandates past the limits of the college campus.  Social gatherings on college campuses across the United States this summer have demonstrated students may not be willing to engage in healthy behavior.

“Students who are unwilling or unable to comply with the restrictions in the social contract should not come to campus.” Princeton’s fall 2020 Plan



    Pennsylvania’s public college system has struggled for the last decade.  Collectively, its 14 campuses have experienced a 20% decrease in enrollment while reduced state investments have forced the system to drive up tuition costs.  A bill signed by Gov. Tom Wolf earlier this month enables the higher education system’s governing board and chancellor to arrange for most of its colleges to share certain services, as well as expand, consolidate or create branch campuses, and cut through red tape.


    Innovative Educators On Demand Training: Creating An Inclusive Campus


    The Community College Research Consortium released research this week showing a connection between two-year college attendance and degree completion for four-year college students. “Students who enrolled in a four-year college but took as many as 10 credits at a two-year institution were more likely to earn a four-year diploma and have higher wages than four-year students who didn't take community college classes.” The results suggest that enrolling in community college classes can benefit four-year college students without increasing their loan debt.
    Author: Meg Foster
    July 17, 2020
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