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Creating A Successful Family Weekend!


5 Tips For Creating A Successful Family Weekend!

You will hear expert advice on how to make your college family weekend an experience they will be talking about for years to come – and an experience that will contribute to future recruitment & retention initiatives.

  1. Optimum scheduling for students & parents

  2. Marketing & advertising in ways that today’s students and families want

  3. Spend your budget efficiently & effectively

  4. Involve everyone on campus

  5. Programming goals based on evidenced best practices

Here are a few other thoughts about family weekend:

What do you think? Do you have other key items for developing a successful family weekend?  


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Author: Aaron Hughey
April 3, 2019

Comments 2
  • Erin Hoag
    Erin Hoag

    Hi Mark,
    This is a great idea and a new one for me. Did you do an evaluation for the event? If so, what were some things you learned? Thanks!

  • Mark S. Savage
    Mark S. Savage

    When I ran a career office at a previous university, we organized a family weekend networking event where parents participated in what resembled a career fair to share career path information and lessons learned with students in a non-stressful, information gathering environment. The event was 2.5 hours on Friday afternoon of Family Weekend and was located in a facility that included a café — participating parents were given a $10 coupon for café items. This event promoted non-stress networking concepts for students while capitalizing on career-based experience and advice from parents of other students. Some students actually obtained internships as a result, although the event was not intended to be a job search event.

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