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Connecting Students To Campus Resources

An Educator’s Perspective - Hear From Dr. Laurie Hazard




With the start of school upon us, we know that in order for some students to be successful, they will need extra support and it will be critical for students to access various support services on campus.  Faculty have the most regular contact with students and know when students are struggling academically, so one of the many responsibilities of faculty is to connect students to appropriate campus resources (advising, tutoring, counseling, math lab, writing lab, etc.).  But like teaching and learning in general, some students respond well to certain methods of instruction, while other students respond best to other methods.

We know that the Learning Center will be a valuable resource for many students, so what can faculty do to connect students to the Learning Center and how to we ensure that the connection is a successful one?  How can we be proactive? How can we follow-up?


    What strategies do you use to connect students to campus resources?  What strategies do you use to follow-up with the student?

    August 14, 2019

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