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6 Tips For Success In Your First Semester Of College

6 Tips for success

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Making the adjustment to college is a time of great excitement! Whether students are commuting, living on campus, enrolled full or part-time, gaining the skills needed to be  successful in college takes some time. Help students start strong with these 5 tips!

Recognize Helping Resources

College students continue to report high levels of stress and mental health needs. Provide students with strategies to recognize and address stress through first year experience courses, within advising or tutoring conversations, and in residence halls. Introducing  mental health strategies using video resources like this one on stress management can open a dialogue with students and provide a framework for support and health.

Manage Time and Energy

Students and faculty cite energy and time management as one of the most important skills new students need help with in the college environment. Providing students with strategies for managing time, recognizing internal versus external motivations, and understanding procrastination is critical to success.  Short videos can help students learn techniques like the Pomodoro method and time chunking that they can immediately apply to their semester.

Understand Money Management

Financial challenges are one of the major reasons students do not stay enrolled in college. Helping students develop the skills to manage their financial resources is a critical step schools can take to facilitate student success. Use resources like this short video to introduce students to the concept of building a budget.

Create  a Note-Taking System

Students need support to learn efficient and effective note-taking strategie.  Institutions can support student success by introducing students to different methods for note-taking and studying in first-year experience classes, academic advising discussions, tutoring conversations, and by integrating such content across curricula. In this short video, Saundra McGuire helps students understand the difference between studying and learning.

Develop Study & Test Skills

In survey data, students have indicated that pandemic learning resulted in less formal studying. As a result, students have shared that they need to “refresh” their study skills: relearning how to prepare for tests, strategies for reviewing content, and best practices for the day of the test.  Providing students with techniques for addressing common challenges like test anxiety can support student success. This video introduces tips for overcoming test anxiety.

Handle Failure

No matter how well prepared college students are to make the transition into their first year, they will inevitably stumble or fall down completely. How they use those setbacks and failures can make the difference between future stumbles or future successes. The video on failure helps students to frame their challenges productively and offers tips for improvement.

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By Meg Foster
Online Learning & Design Specialist - Consultant
September 16, 2022


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