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Makenzie Schiemann

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Makenzie Schiemann is currently the Vice President of the National Association of Behavioral Intervention Teams and a Senior Associate Consultant with TNG. Makenzie worked in higher education for 9 years at both a large public, and small private institution where she chaired the Behavioral Intervention Team and oversaw the case management and victim advocacy departments. Makenzie has presented at numerous national conferences including NASPA, the Higher Education Case Manager's Association (HECMA), NaBITA, ASCA, and the American College Counseling Association. Additionally, she has presented various online trainings, conducted research on case management practices, and written publications on case management work. She currently serves on the advisory board for NaBITA, is an editor for the Journal for Behavioral Intervention Teams, and has previously served on the leadership board for the Higher Education Case Managers Association (HECMA). Her areas of expertise include policy and program development for behavioral intervention teams, case management, and victim advocacy, strategies for chairing behavioral intervention teams, research and assessment, and strategic planning for comprehensive educational and awareness programming.