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Chris McCrae

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Chris McCrae is a born student leader and community activist. Currently he either chairs or launches student clubs and/or projects. For example, the Phi Theta Kappa, Sustainability Club, Veteran's Club. He focuses a lot of his energy on outreach to different community projects and has his finger on the pulse of Seattle's community projects. Through his outreach efforts, he now rubs elbows with some of Seattles major political figures including the mayor of Seattle (they're on a first name basis), legislators and the president of the college. His educational goal to get a masters in Anthropology of Globalization and ultimately a Ph.D. at the University of Washington.

Chris was a Ranger in the U.S. Army for eleven years serving in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan for over four years. Upon returning to civilian life and entering NSCC (and our class), he embraced the concept of his own privilege and agency as a white male and has not stopped since in terms of spreading kindness, support, critical thinking, and non-violent communication to all people he encounters.