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Friday 5: Things To Ponder This Week In Higher Ed 6/5/20

We are grateful for Dr. Chimene Boone and Ms. Michelle Blair’s time today during this week’s Friday 5 Live.  The TRIO administrators shared thoughts on supporting TRIO students as well as under-resourced and vulnerable students: a critical concern we return to with each Friday 5 Live.  

Please join us for our next Friday 5 Live on June 19th. We are fortunate to have George Hoey as our guest.  George is a retired college administrator with over 40 years experience in higher education.  George will share his thoughts as a higher education professional and a man of color about the current situation around diversity, bias and violence.

Yet my work is to teach, to make it possible for others to teach, and learn, and grow. I will do this with ferocity in the coming months, for holding up that light of knowledge is something that, no matter how dark the night, is one of the best hopes for humanity.

G. Gabrielle Star, President of Pomona College quoted this week in The Chronicle of Higher Education  


The State of Higher Education This Week

Our thoughts turn this week to those protesting the killing of George Floyd, police violence and systemic racism in our country.  Institutions like the University of Missouri announced they are cutting some ties to the local police force, and students at Ohio State University are calling on their leadership to do the same.  Many news sources, like NPR and Wired, have discussed racial disparities in the United States brought to the forefront by COVID.  While we continue to see much of higher education news focused on COVID response, as educators it is vital that we acknowledge the work of those protesting for change in our country. We are choosing to focus this week’s Friday 5 on resources for higher education professionals.  This is certainly not a comprehensive resource, but rather a starting point for critical and necessary work.


Students, Campus and Protests

As we look to the fall and students potentially returning to campus, what do we need to be aware of as college administrators and educators when students protest on campus?  Here are some helpful resources regarding student protest on our campuses:

FAQ’s For Student Protests on Campus
History of College Protest Movements


Literature for Students of All Ages

As educators, we look to research and reading as ways to inform our understanding of our world. Below we’ve compiled several lists of books, both fiction and nonfiction, to examine race, racism and resistance.

Reading List from Black Booksellers 
USA Today Booklist
Children’s Booklist


    Cultivating Racial Literacy

    There are many resources with respect to racism, anti-racism, and racial literacy.  This is a starting point for developing an understanding of institutionalized racism and to start or continue conversations on your campus. 

    Cultivate Racial Literacy on Campus
    JSTOR Daily: Institutionalized Racism: A Syllabus
    10 Documentaries to Better Understand Racism
    Scaffolding Anti-Racism Resources 
       Document created by: Anna Stamborski, M. Div Candidate (2022), Nikki Zimmermann, M. Div candidate (2021), Bailie Gregory, M. Div, M.S. Ed.


      Resources & Commitment to the Black Lives Matter Campaign
      Black Lives Matter is "committed to struggling together and to imagining and creating a world free of anti-Blackness, where every Black person has the social, economic, and political power to thrive."  At Innovative Educators, we embrace and support Black Lives Matter through our work and through donation.
      Author: Meg Foster
      June 5, 2020
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